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Colonial Circle - OU0442

 Part of the Olmsted Park and Parkway System.

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N 42° 55.202' W 78° 52.905' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
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Soldiers Place, also called Soldiers Circle, forms the central connecting point of Buffalo's parkway system, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted. Soldiers Place is the point at which Lincoln, Chapin, and Bidwell Parkways converge. The parkways in Olmsted's day were smoothly paved and intended solely for use of private carriages. Featuring 200-foot rights of way and flanked by several rows of trees, they were designed to provide open space for the neighborhoods through which they passed.


Soldiers place was originally a very large circle that was meant to hold the likes of the Soldiers & Sailors monument now gracing Lafayette Square. When the monument was erected downtown, Soldiers Place received four large naval parrot rifles mounted on Grand Army of the Republic carriages and accompanied by stacks of cannon balls. Colonial Circle also had similar guns and projectiles. From the very start, junkmen found the cannon balls irresistible.


The cannons and ammunition stacks were removed from Soldiers Place in 1937 by Parks Commissioner Frank A Coon who condemned them as traffic hazards. Motorists would cut across the street-level circle, sometimes crashing into the massive gun tubes. Coon argued that the cannons had no historic significance -- the navy had supposedly condemned the guns without ever putting them into service. Coon had removed the artillery pieces from Colonial Circle the year before for the same reasons. Everything was sold for scrap.


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9 13 June 2015 GOF Cache archived

Cache was archived.

2 16 August 2012 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

Well, despite Jhauser and DG finding this thing last month, this sucker is gone! I can see where it used to be. Thanks for the trip though, I've probably been around this circle maybe 5 times in my whole life, and definitely never noticed the statue.

1 20 July 2012 jhauser42 Found it

Found during a warmup run for the Subaru 4-mile Chase.

1 14 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3428.  Nice circle.  There was a young couple hanging on on one of the benches, but they were no trouble.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 28 April 2012 Sabrefan7 Found it

I have read about the battle Cedar Creek and General Bidwell but did not know he was from Buffalo. A very impressive monument. I would have loved to see it 100 years ago. Thanks again,,,SF7