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Introduction to OpenCaching North America - OU04AE

 A moving cache. Not at the listed coords.

hidden by  DudleyGrunt

N 39° 05.000' W 76° 21.000' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Boîte de type: Moving
 Taille: Normal
 Etat: Ready for Search
 Date déguiser : 05 June 2012
 Date: 05 June 2012
 Derniere mise a jour : 23 September 2014
 Waypoint: OU04AE


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I got this idea after going to GeoWoodstock X and thinking it would be nice to have a cache for folks to see and log, when I go to various events and talk to people about OpenCaching.  This will start off as a small to regular Lock-n-Lock container.  Feel free to to log this, whether you are new to the site or have been a member since Day One.

OpenCaching North America (available at / .ca & .mx) was launched 18 August 2010 (as OpenCaching US).  In 2011, Coffee Peddlers was looking at launching OpenCaching Canada.  Instead, we joined forces to cover all of North America with a single site.

OpenCaching is a community of nation-based websites that offer a free and open portal for all of those who are interested in the activity of geocaching. The goal is to provide a higher quality cache listing service in a user friendly format with features that members of the geocaching community have requested.

OpenCaching.EU is the portal site that indexes and provides links to these various country website locations. Ohter countries with OpenCaching websites include GermanyPoland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway/Sweden, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The OpenCaching community sites offer all services to all users at no cost. There are no fee-based "premium memberships".  Every geocache is listed and accessible to everyone for free.

Additionally, OpenCaching sites allow users to rate and report on existing geocaches. This allows users to see what other cachers think of the cache and it encourages participants to place higher quality caches. The rating system also greatly reduces the problem of abandoned or unsatisfactory caches still being listed after repeated negative comments or posts in the cache logs.

We offer a variety of cache types that are unique or no longer supported by some other sites, including...

Traditional Moving
Quiz Unknown Event Virtual
Multi-cache Webcam Guest Book MP3 Dead Drop BITcache

Maryland Geocaching Society

Military Association of GeoCachers

GeoCachers 4 Christ

Maryland Geocaching SocietyMilitary Association of GeoCachers


GeoCachers 4 Christ

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