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A Texan Comes to Balmer, Hon - OU04BD

 Come Out and Welcome NativTxn to Town

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NativTxn (Denise) will be in Baltimore for a week, but the only free time she will have is during the day on July 11th.

NOTE:There does not seem to be a wheelchair accessible entry to the dining room. There are two tables outside, however. If you think this will be an issue for you, let me know and we'll plan to claim the outdoor seating.

I hope that if your schedule permits to join us for lunch, you'll come out and dive her a warm welcome.

Denise has been caching for just over 2 years and has put together an impressive caching resume.

She was the sponsor of the Diversified Cacher Contest, earlier this year. She also is one of the admins / reviewers for OpenCaching North America. She's very involved with her local Brazos Valley Geocachers group and founded the Hiders and Seekers group on Google+.  Finally, as a member of the Texas Geocaching Association board, she assisted with the recent 10th Annual Texas Challenge 2012 Mega Event.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012, 11:00 AM
@ Grilled Cheese & Co. Catonsville

I hope you'll be able to come out and join us for food and fellowship.

Particularly if you've not be to one before, be sure to check out their online menu.
They open at 11 and can get busy for lunch, so try to be there as close to 11 as you can, but if you can't show up until a little later, just come on by.

Also see the MGS Forum Thread for the event.

Grilled Cheese & Co.

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Updating my log to "attended". I first just put a note by accident.

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3 12 July 2012 Astronut42 Comment

Thanks for hosting...this was my first OCUS event!

7 11 July 2012 dadgad attended the event

A pleasure to meet a cacher from the home state.  Thanks!