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International Geocaching Day Wet Event - OU051D

 Come celebrate International Geocaching Day and the 2nd anniversary of Opencaching.us out on the water from 6 to 8 PM!

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N 42° 50.524' W 78° 51.661' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
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 Date Hidden: 18 August 2012
 Date Created: 04 August 2012
 Last Modified: 05 August 2012
 Waypoint: OU051D
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You WILL get wet attending this event!

Bring your kayak, canoe, paddleboat, innertube or even just your bathing suit down to Gallagher Beach. The concept is pretty simple, this is a "sponge war" out on the water. Bring your boat, innertube or what have you (NO motorized boats/power skis etc allowed), bring your water guns, big car wash sponge or even your collapsing bailing bucket.

To log the event, you will need to find the cacher with the ping pong balls, ask him or her for one, sign it and make your way to the logging container and drop it in.

ONE ball per person, ONE name per ball.

Now the fun part, while you are attempting to log this, you are "fair game", you will be soaked with water guns and wet sponges, of course you are encouraged to "return fire" as well. Anyone on the water is an acceptable target.

NO balls other than the log ones, ABSOLUTELY NO WATER BALOONS!

For those cachers without a boat, float, innertube etc, the cacher or cachers with the ping pong balls will make passes closer to shore, you will at least have to wade out. The logging container will be reasonably close to shore.

This event was inspired by GC3P7GH "Are You Sponge Worthy" which was an AMAZING event! Purplehawks and I had so much fun there that we just HAD to have one here in Buffalo!

As noted by Chilihead for that event.

"Just a note for any would be photographers out there ... Your presence on the water is an implicit agreement between you and the organizer of this event that any harm coming to you or your personal items is strictly at your own risk. You agree that you will not hold the event organizer nor the participants in the event for any damages caused to personal items such as electronics and cameras caused by water damage, flying paddles, unintended or intended kayak roll overs, acts of God, or other unspecified mishaps. Should you decide to bring personal items onto a water craft during this event, you do so at your own risk and will likely attract additional water fire, sponges and unintended tip overs by passers by."


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7 18 August 2012 Rayman attended the event

Oh hey, I forgot it was the OCUS 2nd anniversary as well as International Geocaching Day. Stayed relatively dry for the most part in the half hour or so I stuck around near shore. Lots of new faces at the event as well, which was good to see. Forgot to mention in my gc log to thank your helpers as well. Fun times Mick, thanks for setting it up.

7 18 August 2012 Mr.Yuck attended the event

Well hey, I was consciously celebrating the 2nd anniversary! Someone had to. This was a great time, although I feel the wading Canadians were a little overzealous in getting people wet!! Got the cell phone into a baggie when I got to the event area, after finding two caches first, so nothing bad happened there. This was a great event Mick, thanks. Yes, make this sucker annual. International Geocaching day every year. I assume it's always the 3rd week in August.

7 18 August 2012 MickEMT attended the event

When Purplehawks, GadgetCHC and I attended the event in Rochester that gave us the idea for this event, I never expected it to turn out as well as it did.
Of course, I have to thank all of you who attended for making this an awesome event, one which we intend to make an annual one. Without you, this would never have been as good as it was. It's always a pleasure to see how cachers just seem to get together and make an event something special.
Some special thanks you's go out to my co-hosts, Purplehawks, GadgetCHC and HavocGeo for all your help with the logging. I would also like to thank Mr. Yuck for the tasty cold beverage!
Special kudo's to the Canadians who not only crossed the border to join us, but some of you even stepped in and helped carry a canoe to someone's car for them.

Again, my thanks to all of you who attended, it was nice seeing old friends and making new ones. Hope to see all of you next year!

And again, Happy 2nd Birthday to Opencaching.us!


8 07 August 2012 Mr.Yuck will attend the event

Thanks for listing here! I will be there.

8 05 August 2012 MickEMT will attend the event

Let's see how many people we can get for this special day!