BIT Cache
Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 1.0 Out of 5.0
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WTF BIT: Scaggsville - OU052B

 Water Tower Find - BIT Cache - Scagsville, MD (East)

Hidden by  DudleyGrunt

N 39° 08.835' W 76° 53.760' (WGS84)

 Coordinates in Other Systems
 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: BIT Cache
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 10 August 2012
 Date Created: 06 August 2012
 Last Modified: 04 March 2013
 Waypoint: OU052B


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Cache Attributes

Quick Cache Kid Friendly Wheelchair Access Offset Cache Munzee Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

Please see the attributes article for more information.

Description   EN   

You will need the Log Password that is printed on the BITcache to log your find online.  

Also, while you are there, please take an "artistic" photo to include with your log.  If you have any problems with the photo, it is not a requirement, but I would definitely appreciate seeing them.  You do not necessarily need to be in the photo.

This will be a 2-stage / offset BIT Cache.  You will visit the given coordinates and look for a Verizon Wireless sign on the fence.  You'll need the number, AJabc, where "abc" is a 3 digit number.  d = a + c

To locate the actual BIT Cache...

Subtract .bda from North minutes.

Add .bdd to the West minutes.

This will give you the coordinates of the BIT Cache.

At the first state, you will be in a residential neighborhood and very near homes, so please refrain from attempting this at night.

If you would like to add to the series, please feel free.  I know I won't be able to get to every water tower in Maryland and surrounding areas.

I've long had a theory that water towers were really just camoflague for (suppossedly) unidentified flying objects.  I think they also have a low level cloaking device, because unless you're looking for them, many seem to easily go unnoticed.  Go ahead and guess how many you pass on your regular routes.  Then count them next time.  See?

For more information on how water towers work (the ones with water, at least), see this article at

Maryland Geocaching Society

Military Association of GeoCachers

GeoCachers 4 Christ


This series was inspired by numerous WTF caches I found in the Greater Charlotte, NC area.

Most were placed by TermiteHunter, who was inspired by South Carolina's ThGoonies.  While I was there,stargatekrewe also placed a few.  I was able to meet all these cachers during my visit.

Additional Waypoints

 Symbol   Type   Coordinates  Description
Final LocationN ?? ??????
W ?? ??????
 Where you'll find the BIT. 

Additional Hints   Decrypt

Sbhe. Cebar.



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1 14 August 2015 DisneyScout Found it

Yeah! I found it this time! 

3 20 September 2014 DudleyGrunt Comment

Stopped by to check on it, today, and was suprised to find it missing.  After poking around a bit, I found it on the ground.  I cleaned it up and replaced it.  

Come and get it and its companion Munzee.

2 22 August 2014 DisneyScout Didn't find it

Tried to go for a third cache in the area. Got the first part just fine and I'm pretty sure I figured out the second part as well. I just couldn't find the actual BIT cache. I'll try again another day. 

3 29 June 2013 DudleyGrunt Comment

Checked on cache and all is well.

1 19 September 2012 cycleangela Found it

I decided get out during my lunch break and catch up on a couple of OCNA caches, and one being an FTF, and one being one that I'd DNF'd the last time (this one). I'm guessing the last time, I just didn't feel around enough for it. The rest of them, I've more or less been able to spot right away, and this one threw me for a loop (that's nothing unusual though!). Thanks for the cache!