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Like an Eternal Flame - OU008F

 A central part of visiting the Nations Capital

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 05 September 2010
 Date Created: 06 September 2010
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The Centennial Flame also known as the Eternal Flame is a symbolic flame that forms the central element of a fountain, itself located symmetrically in the walkway between the Queen's Gates and the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, in Ottowa, Ontario.

Lit by then Prime Minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson on New Year's Eve 1967, to officially inaugurate the Canadian Centennial celebrations, the flame is fed by a natural gas jet that sits under a metal dome depicting the centennial year logo: a stylised maple leaf. The flame, however, is not an eternal one, as it is routinely extinguished during inclement weather or for cleaning, and relit. Coins thrown into the fountain are routinely collected and added to the Centennial Flame Research Award Fund.

The original plan in 1967 was to remove the Centennial Flame at the end of the Centennial year, but public pressure convinced the federal government to make it a permanent fixture on Parliament Hill.

The fountain's water runs from beneath the coats of arms for each of the provinces and territories of Canada as they existed in 1966, into a moat surrounded by a wall that lists the year each province and territory joined the Canadian Confederation in Canada.

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1 28 September 2018 Lineflyer Found it

Day 6 of our vacation in Canada coming from Germany. Yesterday evening we arrived in Ottawa, so today was sightseeing day and we walked about 13km through the city to visit all sites.

This was our first stop on parliament hill.

# 2, 10:55
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Lineflyer @ Eternal Flame
Lineflyer @ Eternal Flame

1 30 August 2017 Jabolio Found it

Haha, cache is published in 2010, no visitors for 7 years, then two in just over a month!  I'd never visited a cache from this service before, and back home in Nova Scotia, there is only one posted cache, a Virtual at Peggys Cove, and it still hasn't been logged yet.  Nevertheless, we always stop by the Eternal Flame when we visit Ottawa, so here's a pic of us there today!  (if I can figure out how to upload, as I don't see an "attach image" feature). I'm on the right, TFTV!
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Us at the Eternal Flame (I'm on the right)
Us at the Eternal Flame (I'm on the right)

1 03 July 2017 Bon Echo Found it

We visited Ottawa for the big Canada 150 celebrations. Waited 3 hours, 9 - noon, in a line up that ground to a halt beside the Bank of Canada building. All the while being passed by other Canadians who instead walked up and merged into the crowd - no wonder the line stopped moving. Was hoping to get onto Parliament Hill to get photos of the PM for the "take me to your leader" LC but instead all i got was three crying kids sad that they didn't get to see the show. Newspapers are billing the day as chaotic - they got that right. Organizers drop the ball on this one. Totally disorganized lineups, no where to use the washroom, no food for sale once you got onto the hill....and then there was the rain - showers, downpours, thunder storms, the works. So our Canada Day 150 was a real downer. But we returned on Monday and toured about seeing the sights including a stop at the Centennial Flame. A bit smelly near the flame, we debated whether it was from the gas used for the flame or from all the mud on the hill (oh yeah, forgot to mention that the nice grassy lawn in from of the Center Block is now a mudpit).

This is one of four virtuals in Ottawa today - 2 on this site and 2 on Terracaching. Nearly 7 years on this one and no finds yet? Okay, another OCNA FTF for me. Thanks lacwitt


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One of the Bon Echo girls at the Centennial Flame
One of the Bon Echo girls at the Centennial Flame