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A Walk After Lunch - OU05B0

 A small cache in the Ulistac area of Santa Clara.

Hidden by  galileo the cat

N 37° 24.364' W 121° 57.277' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > California
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Small
 Status: Archived
 Date Hidden: 27 September 2012
 Date Created: 09 October 2012
 Last Modified: 09 April 2018
 Waypoint: OU05B0
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Kid Friendly Poison Plants Historic Site Limited Hours 

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This park is a small bit of the 2217 acre Rancho Ulistac land grant made by Governor Pío Pico in 1845, supposedly named after an Ohlone chief. A micro here would be just plain mean.

The Ulistac Natural Area is a popular place for bird watching, wildlife observation; and of course, geocaching. The 41 acre (16.6 hectare) park is just east of the west side Guadalupe River Trail and is bordered on the west by Lick Mill Blvd, on the north by Tasman Drive and on the south by housing developments. Most recently part of a golf course, it's being restored as an exhibit site for native plants and animals; assisted by irrigation with recycled water. Hours are from sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Coyote brush is becoming more plentiful in the park as non-native trees are cleared. it is attractive to small insects of all sorts, and acts as a "nurse" species that helps in the growth of larger trees. Natives used its leaves for medicinal purposes, including relief of poison oak rash.

You can enter from Lick Mill Blvd where there is on-street parking or from the west-side river trail. The west-side trail is packed gravel suitable for mountain or hybrid bikes. The east-side trail is being paved from Alviso to downtown San Jose. Cross the river from the east-side trail at Tasman Drive or the bike/pedestrian bridge further south near the River Oaks VTA light rail station and park-and-ride lot. Both sides of the trail are quite flat aside from street underpasses and are easy hikes or rides. Also check out the park's page on the waymarking site:

Initial stock included some overflow swag from "Ulistac Returns" and the FTF prize, plus a pen and some other goodies.

Congratulations to Amorak for the FTF!

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9 09 April 2018 galileo the cat Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 08 April 2018 beerslayer Comment

I believe the original of this cache on (GC3XME0) has been archived as of 22-Apr-2017 due to changes in the area. There is a newer cache in the same area (GC74CBJ), but it is not loggable here on so far as I can tell.

1 28 November 2012 bamafan323 Found it

A very well hidden cache, it took a solid 15 minutes to find.  Lots of possible areas near GZ, but persistance paid off!  Thanks!