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The New Yawker's invade Toledo! - OU05CE

 Event at a AAA Baseball Game

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 Date Hidden: 26 July 2013
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Please join some Buffalo, N.Y. area Geocachers for a Toledo Mud Hens vs. Buffalo Bisons AAA International League Baseball game at Fifth Third Park in Downtown Toledo, Ohio on Friday, July 26th 2013 at 7:00 PM.The New Yawkers will be in town for the 2013 Midwest Geobash.

Event location? There are 6 people from the Buffalo area attending, and their seats are behind the Visitors dugout, in Section 117, Row Q. Tickets for this game are $9 apiece, and it will most surely sell out, as it's Boy Scout night at the ballpark, where Scouts are allowed to camp out overnight in the outfield after the game. The Buffalo contingent is perfectly content with the 6 of them calling this an event, but if you are a local or out-of-towner who plans to be at this game, please post a note here, and look us up!

By the way, Toledo is over 50 miles closer to Buffalo than New York City is. And our local University is a member of the Mid-American Conference. We're not really loud and obnoxious New Yawkers. At least I don't think we are. Cool


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9 09 August 2013 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 09 August 2013 havocgeo attended the event

Meet up with the group to attend the ball game, it sure was n ice to see the bisons win. Thanks guy's for the invite.

7 26 July 2013 Rayman attended the event

Stupid antique Opencaching app didn't take my log! I get to take partial credit for this event because I suggested to Yuck that our hometown Bisons were making their only trip to Toledo the same weekend we'd be in town for some other big geocaching event. Really liked the ballpark! As much as I think Coca-Cola Field is the best, Fifth Third would have to be a close second for minor league parks. Sorry no other locals could attend, but thanks for setting it all up anyways pal.

7 26 July 2013 Mr.Yuck attended the event

This was a fun time, and our Buffalo team beat Toledo 4-2. Although I left in the 8th inning, I had two kids with me. No one contacted us, so it was just the 6 Buffalonians attending my event. I see none of them has logged yet, either. Tongue out

8 14 March 2013 Mr.Yuck will attend the event

I've been slacking, but I finally got tickets for this game, and there are 6 Buffalonians attending. Cache description updated with our seat location. Post a note or will attend here and look us up if you will be at this game!!