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If you've got the time...we've got the, uh, cache - OU05E7

 A quick virtual at the CLT airport

Hidden by  bamafan323

N 35° 13.377' W 80° 56.382' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 06 February 2013
 Date Created: 06 February 2013
 Last Modified: 18 April 2013
 Waypoint: OU05E7


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Recently, I was part of a discussion about virtual caches and airports.  It certainly is a great way to pass some time during a layover, but unfortunately there are far too few of them.

I decided to correct this problem - one airport at a time.  And, of course, my home airport is first.

Since GPS can be a bit tricky in the terminals, I will tell you to head for gate E13.  Near the gate agent stand at that gate, look for door labeled communication closet.

To claim credit for this find, enter the 5 digit room number posted on the door as the password on your log.

Now sit back and bask in the smiley you earned instead of wasting all that time like those other suckers on your flight!


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1 16 April 2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Fantastic. My second OCNA cache for the day. Next one should be out of the state.
Thanks for participating in OCNA

1 15 October 2016 TheWolfes Found it

Catching a flight by myself and was suprised to find this right next to my gate. Thanks!

1 28 May 2016 Katja104 Found it

Found this one easily while waiting for a connection flight to New York JFK. TFTC

1 27 March 2016 ithink314 Found it

Got distracted by the first place meeting description, found it at the second. Helped wait for delayed flight. Thanks!

1 28 February 2016 7 Iron Found it

Found it. Decided to look and see if there were any virtual here and sure enough there it is. TFTC