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That's the Spirit! - OU05E8

 A quick virtual at the CLT airport

Hidden by  bamafan323

N 35° 13.241' W 80° 56.363' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 10 February 2013
 Date Created: 10 February 2013
 Last Modified: 11 February 2013
 Waypoint: OU05E8


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Recently, I was part of a discussion about virtual caches and airports.  It certainly is a great way to pass some time during a layover, but unfortunately there are far too few of them.

I decided to correct this problem - one airport at a time.  And, of course, my home airport is first.

This is one of two virtual OCUS caches hidden at the Charlotte International airport, and definitely the cooler of the two!

Since GPS can be a bit tricky in the terminals, I will tell you to head for gate D10.  Or D11. or D12. Or D13.  Look for an airplane.  I promise, it will make sense when you get there. 

To claim credit for this find, enter the 4 digit identifier on the fuselage of the plane as the password on your log.  I'll even get you started and tell you it starts with the letter 'N'.

Now sit back and bask in the smiley you earned instead of wasting all that time like those other suckers on your flight!


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1 16 April 2018 TermiteHunter Found it

Well arriving 2 hours early for a flight is bit much at this time of day. I would rather be flying in that little thing. Like a VW beetle for the sky

1 18 November 2016 texliebmann Found it

I already logged this once, but the OC site crashed. Here is my second attempt. Fortunately I took a picture during my visit.

I was on a visit from the Beehive heading back home.

This cache exemplifies why I like vituals: you can learn something and see something interesting.


1 24 June 2016 bluebunny7 Found it

Great way to fight boredom.



1 28 May 2016 Katja104 Found it

I already had a suspicion what this cache is about when reading the description. Indeed, great cache and great pleasure in a remote spot of the airport. Totally worth the detour. TFTC

1 13 January 2015 E7E Found it

Rarely come through D. Thanks for the side trip and brief detour to bide some time.