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May The Fourth Be With You Pub Night - OU061F

 Help celebrate 13 years of caching on May 4th, 2013

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N 43° 05.384' W 78° 59.327' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
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 Waypoint: OU061F
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Data: 06/12/2013 14:55:45, add by DudleyGrunt
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Description   EN   

Time: 7:00 til.....whenever!

Location is at the listed coords!

Plenty of parking!

Easy off, easy on the 190 at Niagara Falls Blvd!

Free munchies will be there waiting for you !

Dinner, Bar Food, Beverages are on your own!

We have a room to ourselves and there is an adjoining outdoor patio!


Western NY - Friendly!

Southern Ontario - Friendly!

If you are visiting Niagara Falls from out of state - FRIENDLY!

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9 12 June 2013 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 07 May 2013 Borst68 attended the event

Had a great time hanging out with our illustrious OC.US Admin or what ever his official title is.  i kind of feel dirty for logging this event on two sites.  Ok, maybe not...  Thanks for the great time!

7 05 May 2013 Mr.Yuck attended the event

This was a great event! Thanks for hosting, Dru, and hopefully I will stongarm errrr, I mean suggest that several people log it here!!

7 04 May 2013 Barbershopdru attended the event

ok, so i attended my own event.

7 04 May 2013 Rayman attended the event

Well it almost seemed like a separate OCUS event was going on at the bar since all of us regular users of this site were hanging with "the boss". Eventually we all returned to the back room to socialize with everyone else. Had a great time and the food was pretty good too! Thanks for putting it together Dru!