Task Difficulty: 1.5 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
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We well rock you! - OU06E5

 Cache is a small-regular size plastic container with a log book, pencil and a few trinkets.

Hidden by  emilyasdf

N 40° 36.890' W 80° 00.675' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Pennsylvania
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 25 December 2013
 Date Created: 27 December 2013
 Last Modified: 29 January 2015
 Waypoint: OU06E5
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Thorns Available in Winter Poison Plants In the Woods Limited Hours 

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The cache is placed off the red/blue trail (red blazes with blue dots) in North Park. The easiest route would be to park at the Wyoming shelter off of North Ridge Drive and go down the trail from there for a short walk. However during the winter, the gates to North Ridge Drive are closed to motor vehicles, so you must walk the road or the trails to access the cache, hence the rating.


Cache is a small-regular size plastic container with a log book, pencil and a few trinkets. Cache was approved by the County of Allegheny Department of Parks on January 23, 2014. Be mindful of any potential mountain bikers, hikers, or runners, as it is a favorite trail of many! Please make sure to hide the cache exactly as you found it (or better) to keep it from being muggled.

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Gur uvag vf va gur anzr!



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1 20 March 2016 Mr.Yuck Found it

And he's baaaack. Got free tickets to a Penguins game from the fantasy sports site, who apparently like to "comp" people, not unlike a Casino. However, I've dropped less than $50 on there, I think they had to go down their list until they found someone who would take them. First row behind the goal, by the way. Although it was sunny in Buffalo all day (texted Mrs.Yuck), I had to find this in a wet snowfall! Awesome, a (leaky) official Garmin Opencaching container, and a Garmin Opencaching log book. Someone must have won that somewhere. There was nothing in there I wanted, so I left a couple of small red carabiners. The cache was quite damp, and is taking on water, but the logbook is fine in it's ziplock baggie. Very clever with "Well" in the name, by the way. Thanks for the cache!
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Genuine defunct name stealing Geocaching website container and logbook
Genuine defunct name stealing Geocaching website container and logbook

2 24 May 2015 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

Stopped by this park today (nice, by the way), but I couldn't get to this cache, because North Ridge Road was closed off. There was a Gay picnic going on, and they had County Sherrif's block the road. Seriously. What, they need police protection? I got to a point where the cache was about .48 miles from me on the other main road in the park, but I didn't even see a trail. I'm from Buffalo (not too crazy far away), so I'm sure I'll try again sometime.

1 07 June 2014 TommyGator Found it

This was a fun find.  Encountered a mountain biker on the trail as I neared the cache, but he rode off and then I got down to business.  Found the cache after a bit of looking, signed thye log, and was off. This is a beautiful park and we appreciated the opportunity to visit, which we wouldn't have done if not for this cache.  Many thanks!

10 29 January 2014 emilyasdf Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

3 31 December 2013 Mr.Yuck Comment

I'm an admin for the site, thanks for the submission! Are you sure you wanted to make this brand new cache temporarily unavailable?