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Watershed Park Artesian Well - OU073B

 Watershed Park Drinking Water from Artesian Well

Hidden by  Wet_Coaster

N 49° 06.989' W 122° 54.238' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 02 June 2014
 Date Created: 02 June 2014
 Last Modified: 06 August 2014
 Waypoint: OU073B


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Delta Watershed Park contains over 11 km of trails used by hikers, joggers, bikers and horseback riders.

While there is a somewhat busy road on the north side of the part, Kitison Parkway, there are two areas for parking with many trails entering into the park from these spots.  In the park there are many notice boards describing the local area and are complete with a map of the park.  The link, below, to Delta Parks contains a map of the park that can be downloaded.  There is also entrances on the east and south side of the park.  You only have to be about 10 metres into the park and all road noise is gone.  

The trees in this park are very tall as this part of the country is classified as a Temperate Rainforest.  Some areas have had the underbrush partially cleared away to reduce the fire hazard late in the summer.

On the main north/south trail there is a drinking water tap that is connected directly to an Artesian Well approx. 70 metres below ground level.  This well supplies 5% of the drinking water for the city of Delta, BC.


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Across the main trail from the Drinking Water tap, there is a large notice board with more information on Watershed Park.  On one side there is a cross-section from a tree that was cut down in the park.  What year is written on the marker pointing at the centre of the tree section.




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1 25 February 2017 Moxyscott Found it

been here often. Finally started looking at the smattering of Caches on this site to log. 

1 17 August 2014 North of 49 Found it

Came here a month ago in the dark with my kids.  Followed the GPS until I realized it was taking us to the old fountain. It turned out we walked RIGHT BY the fountain TWICE in the dark, but with no flashlights we didn't see it. Then more recently found the fountain with Moxyscott but didn't have the descrption and photographed the wrong side of the sign. Sigh. Finally got it right today. Thanks for the cache. 

3 06 August 2014 Wet_Coaster Comment

Sorry about the coordinates.  I've updated them and will check again in a few days to make sure these are correct.

1 05 August 2014 LANMonkey Found it

Quick find once I realized where this actually was; for some reason the coords that loaded on my GPSr wanted to take me almost a kilometer away from where I figured the cache must be.

Quick find, and the answer has been emailed to the C/O.

Thanks for the cache, WetCoaster!

Cache safely, and cache often.

The LANMonkeys