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Imogene pass - OU0784

 2nd Highest pass in Colorado

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N 37° 55.949' W 107° 44.062' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Colorado
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 Date Hidden: 16 September 2014
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 Last Modified: 17 September 2014
 Waypoint: OU0784


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Imogene Pass is another must-do when you visit  Telluride. Imogene Pass is an unpaved 17.1 mile road connecting the small mountain towns of Telluride, CO (8,750 ft.) and Ouray, CO (7,810 ft.). 

If you have a high clearance vehicle you can take the trek to Ouray, CO over the 13,114 foot pass... but, we recommend not stressing about the drive and taking a Jeep Tour with our friends at Telluride Outside. They give an outstanding history lesson as you climb the pass. 

To begin your journey, drive to the top of North Oak Street to Tomboy Road. Drive for 5 miles along Tomboy Road and you'll enter the Town of Tomboy (2,650 foot elevation gain) - an old mining town from the 1880's that used to host 1,000 year-round residences. A 2.1 miles past the Town of Tomboy you'll reach the saddle of Imogene Pass at 13,114 feet (4,350 foot elevation gain). You can take in the sights and then head back to Telluride or continue down another 10 miles to Ouray, CO. Imogene is the second highest pass in the state of Colorado and is ranked a 4/5 out of 5 in difficulty.


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