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Kenmore, N.Y. Little Free Library - OU079D

 Guestbook Cache in an LFL

Hidden by  Mr.Yuck

N 42° 57.866' W 78° 52.352' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Guest Book
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 27 December 2014
 Date Created: 27 December 2014
 Last Modified: 27 December 2014
 Waypoint: OU079D


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This Guestbook Cache is located in a little free library at a private residence on Westgate Road in Kenmore, N.Y., with permission of the owner of the LFL, of course. Little Free Libraries are mostly located in people's front yards, although the cache creator has seen a couple located in parks, and in community gardens, for example. Should you not be familiar with LFL's, they first appeared in 2009, and have "gone viral" so to speak. So too has their use for Geocaching purposes gone viral. You can read more about them on the Our History page at

This particular LFL is a twofer, so to speak. It has a listed cache contained inside. We're not here to give any spoilers for that cache, but we can tell you that the listed cache does not involve signing the guesbook in the LFL. The guestbook is a totally seperate entity.

So to find and log this Cache on OCNA while you're there finding the listed Cache, simply sign the guestbook contained within the LFL. This is a two shelf LFL, and the intended location of the guestbook is on the right hand side of the upper shelf of the LFL, as you're facing it, although we can't promise it will always be in that particular location. It is clearly labeled as a Guestbook on the spine of the book. A picture of your guestbook entry is recommended, but certainly not mandatory. Enjoy your vist, and trade some books!


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1 11 November 2015 RunsFromBears Found it

Made the quick stop today in the rain to sign the book. Nothing in the library caught my eye so I left a few books, signed in, and then headed on my way. Thanks!

1 26 August 2015 Atmospherium Found it

I made a special trip into the usually-avoided world of urban caching to log this one. Signed the guestbook using my real name with the slogan "Books make my world go round." I would have included a photo, but I am currently without a camera. That makes me feel a bit lost, as I like to take scenery snapshots while caching and hiking.

Anyway, with this find I believe I qualify for the "5 Years of OCNA Caching" challenge. Oh yeah, I grabbed the "other" cache while I was here, too!


PS I have no idea why my post is in huge blue text. Editing does nothing. You have a weird site here. :)

1 31 March 2015 Bon Echo Found it

Our first OCNA cache find! And a FTF as well! We were not even planning to come by this cache, but our lack of knowlendge of the Buffalo area, combined with our love of cheap fast food, had us off course and before we knew it we were only a mile from this cache.

And so we made the trip over to visit the library and sign the logbook for the OCNA find - we didn't even know (or care) that there was a listed cache in the box. Of course we were happy to get a find on two sites, and the cache is well done and greatly appreciated. What I'm stressing here was  that this cache was the reason for our visit, and the cache was a bonus - and not the other way around.

Thanks Mr.Yuck for posting this as a Guest Book cache, we think it is a great one for our first OCNA find! I'll post a photo of our visit once I have time to shrink the photo down to nothing.

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Bon Echo family at the Library
Bon Echo family at the Library