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Fisherman's Memorial - OU083F

 Memorial to those fishermen who didn't make it back to shore.

Hidden by  Wet_Coaster

N 49° 07.470' W 123° 11.674' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 07 June 2015
 Date Created: 07 June 2015
 Last Modified: 26 July 2016
 Waypoint: OU083F


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A trip to Garry Point Park will offer a break from the fish markets and boats of Steveson.

The park is on the south-west corner of Richmond with a good sized parking lot off of Seventh Ave.

Walking is easy around the park on the packed earth trail.  Since this is in Richmond, the elevation changes are minimal at most.  There is an off-leash dog park area here as well.

It can be breezy here, so come prepared.

The views of the Salish Sea, Gulf Islands, Mount Baker and the north shore mountains make for breathtaking sights no matter which way you turn.

There are some caches in the area from a different listing service.  There are also several munzees to be found along the path around the park.


A simple memorial to honour those fishermen who have not been able to make it back to shore.

The memorial is a needle pointing to the sky surrounded by low walls with inscriptions.


In order to log this cache, you need to enter the year this memorial was dedicated.  It was on May 4, ????


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1 23 November 2016 North of 49 Found it

I used to live quite close by, but don't get to Gary Point much now that I live in North Delta.  Thanks Wet Coaster.

1 20 April 2016 ceesmond Found it

Visited Garry Point Park after a boat trip to Shady Island. This is a beautiful sea shore park with lots of grass, nice beaches, and above all grand vistas across the water. We also visited the little island just to the west of here by canoe and kayak, and as such passed right under the Fisherman's Memorial Needle.

Thanks, Wet Coaster for this cache!