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Confederate Women of Maryland - OU0874

 Baltimore Monuments and Memorials

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With all the discussion / controversy over all things Confederate, recently, I had seen that 3 out of Baltimore's 4 Civil War monuments are dedicated to the Confederacy.

This led me to look more into Baltimore's various monuments and I found the website, Monument City Blog (MCB).  Per their site, "Monument City is a human-scale geotagging project. We’re riding our bikes around Baltimore City to document historical monuments, memorials and markers with GPS, photos and other first-person data."

I figured I'd start with some the Confederate memorials that the city is now looking into possibly removing.

Brave at Home


Per the MCB, Donated by the State of Maryland, this monument is by J. Maxwell Miller, the artist behind the Star-Spangled Banner Centennial Monument. The memorial depicts two stoic women, one of whom is standing looking off into the distance, while the other kneels down clutching the body of a fallen soldier who has dropped his flag. The inscription reads, “In difficulty and danger, regardless of self, they fed the hungry, clothed the needy, nursed the wounded and comforted the dying.”


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1. Visit the site in person.

2.  Post a photo of your and / or your GPS with the monument.

3.  Examine the base monument and find the words DANGER and SELF in close proximity.  Look up from there and find 2 years.  This will be the Log Password (YYYY-YYYY).

While I'm a proud Yankee, I do live in Maryland - The Old Line State.  We had the most divided loyalties of any state during the Civil War and had units on both sides.  The only reason the legilature didn't vote to secede was that Lincoln sent troops to arrest the pro-Confederate members of the General Assembly while they were in special session in Frederick.  So, the Civil War is a major part of the state's history.


There are one or 2 Munzees in this small park.  Be sure to check the map out while you're here.

I also created a few new Sighter locations in the area.

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9 29 June 2018 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 17 August 2017 DudleyGrunt Comment

Sculpture was removed by the City of Baltimore on August 15, 2017.  As of now, if the base is still in place, you'll be able to gather the needed information and it is loggable. Simply take a photo with the base.

List of removed Baltimore Confederate monuments

Thanks and Happy Trails!



1 25 July 2015 sorahl Found it

On my way to a big concert I had some time waiting for the bus, and this new cache was close. So I decided to pay it a visit. Thanks for the lesson about this monument which I had noticed earlier, but never bothered to look.

Now I'm off to see the piano man.
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1 18 July 2015 sfcchaz Found it

Laughing FTF Laughing 3:30 PM. This was the third OCNA cache and fourth overall on my round trip from parking. Total distance on this trip was 2.20 miles. Yep it was real hot and I was soaked at the end, but I had a nice dry shirt and some AC in the car for the ride home. Wink Thanks for all the new caches!  TFTC
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sfcchaz at Confederate Women of Maryland
sfcchaz at Confederate Women of Maryland