Task Difficulty: 1.5 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
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Howe Farm Park - Port Orchard, WA. 98366 - OU00DB

 FTF: The Dutchgoers

Hidden by  Fledermaus

N 47° 31.760' W 122° 34.560' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Washington
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:30 h   Distance to Travel: 0.50 mi
 Date Hidden: 28 September 2010
 Date Created: 29 September 2010
 Last Modified: 31 October 2011
 Waypoint: OU00DB


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Kid Friendly Available in Winter In the Woods Listed on OCNA Only 

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Barn at Howe Farm
H o w e  F a r m  P a r k

FROM SEATTLE:  Hop aboard the ferry at Fauntleroy and travel to Southworth. Upon exiting the ferry parking area, turn South onto Sedgwick Rd. and continue West to Long Lake Rd.
FROM TACOMA:  Go North on SR-16 from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, passing the Gig Harbor and Purdy exits. Exit at SR-166/Sedgewick Rd. and travel east for about 3 miles to Long Lake Road.
FROM SEDGEWICK RD.:  Turn North on Long Lake Rd. and continue for about 2 miles to the Howe Farm Park entrance sign on the East side of the road.
PARK DESCRIPTION:  Howe Farm Park is an 83 acre Historic farm, much of which is still heavily wooded, with several walking trails thoughout, along with fairly open grassy fields and lots of parking. In addition, there is a 5.5 acre fenced-in and semi-wooded area with trails for an Off-Leash Dog Park. --- Howe Farm Park Rules
      Once you have arrived at the park, go to the South entrance and park your vehicle near the steel gate. Proceed over or around the gate and onto the Eastward trail. Follow it down a gentle grade, crossing a stream and then up a slight incline to a somewhat overgrown clearing.
      From this point, there are several trails and you should choose the one to the Right. Follow this trail through the woods, until you arrive at a point where you will see "V" Twin Maples on the Left and Right sides of the trail, both about 30 to 40 feet away. One of them conceals what you seek.
CONTAINER: A Lock & Lock about 4" Wide x 6" Deep x 6" High. You will find some dice that came from Lost @ Vegas, along with some Collectable Cat-Eye Marbles, just in case you may have lost some of your own along the way.
G o o d  L u c k  &  H a p p y  H u n t i n g !
For member of,,, and, you will discover one or more "caches" in this park.

FTF PRIZE:  Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner at Denny's in Bremerton, WA.
To collect, I must first confirm your find. Secondly, you must contact the cache owner by E-Mail
and request your prize. Thirdly, you must meet with the cache owner at the said restuarant.

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1 25 March 2018 ithink314 Found it

##** For first time in forever, the 50-50-90 rule went my way, and I guessed the correct tree first! Aired things out a bit, but those ziplock bags just don't really seal well. Drained water from a couple bags and the lock n lock. Log was dry/damp, but pen wouldn't work for me, so signed in red. Second to Find, lonely for almost 8.25 years! Enjoyed the hike and sight seeing. **##

###**Thanks, Fledermaus, for setting this up!**###

+/- 152 @ March 25, 2018 12:28 PM.

1 04 November 2010 dutchgoers Found it

Great area for a nice walk on a sunny fall day. Easy to follow and nice hide. SL and thanx for the cache.

3 28 September 2010 Fledermaus Comment

This is my first OCUS Geocache and it is unique unto itself and to my location. I hope others will find it and create their own cache. I will also be adding another OCUS cache within Schold Farm Park in the Silverdale, WA. - 98383 area. --- /\/(°w°)\/\