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The Millersburg Ferry - OU0900

 Historic Ferry crossing on the Susquehanna River

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N 40° 32.571' W 76° 58.906' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Pennsylvania
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The Millersburg Ferry crosses the mighty Susquehanna River (in season) from Buffalo Township on the west shore, to the Borough of Millersburg the east shore, both approximately 25 miles North of Harrisburg, the Capital City of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is one of only two remaining ferries operating on the Susquehanna, and is believed to be the last wooden double stern-wheel paddle boat in operation in the United States. Despite it's aged appearance, The Roaring Bull V, the boat you seen above approaching the Buffalo Township landing, was built in 1998.The other vessel in the fleet, the slightly larger Falcon III (Which is grey, not red), was built in 1974. Each will accomodate 4 full sized motor vehicles, and several dozen passengers.The Millersburg Ferry Crossing was added to The National Register of Historic Places in 2006.

The 464 Mile long Susquehanna has it's source at Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, New York, and flows southward through Pennsylvania, and Maryland, before emptying into Chesapeake Bay. A mile wide in places (including at the Ferry crossing), it is not a very deep river. Seeing a submerged propeller vessel on the Susquehanna is a rare sight, and navigation is usually reserved for canoes or kayaks, small fishing boats, or the occasional air boat (smaller versions of the boats popular in the Florida Everglades or Louisiana Bayou's).

So how do these Ferry Boats that weigh several tons while loaded cross the Susquehanna? There is an earthen dam (with several "openings" for the free flow of water and small craft navigation) just south of the crossing, which holds back enough water for the boats to navigate the river without touching the bottom. On most Occasions from April-October, that is. The Millersburg Ferry is subject to close due to low water, high water (rare), and high winds (rare). Check their Facebook page or Website ahead of time to see if they are operating. Showing up at The Millersburg Ferry the day of a long planned summer trip and expecting it to be operating is quite hit or miss, although the cache owner got lucky in late August 2015, and got himself a ride across the River.

How to log this virtual cache: The posted coordinates are for the ferry landing on the west side of the river in Buffalo Township. You will drive through a private (open to the public) campground to get there off of US 15, please drive slowly! You will almost always find one of the two ferryboats there, as generally, only one is in use on any given day. Simply upload a photograph of you or your GPS unit with the Ferry. With you on the Ferry is better. With you and your vehicle on the ferry is even better. Logs are accepted if you catch the Ferry at the Millersburg landing, additional Waypoint below.

Hours of operation and fees: First of all, you do not have to pay money to log this virtual. But you're going to want to, trust me; The Millersburg Ferry is a 5 star rated attraction on Trip Advisor and Yelp. For the 2015 season, the rates were $3 for a walk on passenger one way, $5 for a walk on passenger round trip, $8 for a vehicle and driver one way with $3 for each additional passenger. Assuming a trip from Buffalo Township to Millersburg, you will find Millersburg to be a Village of about 3,000 residents with plenty of dining and watering hole options, and a riverside park. The Ferry operates (note factors already mentioned) April to October, 9 AM to Dusk. Weekends only before Memorial Day or after Labor Day, and daily during summer hours.

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Interesting PlaceN 40° 32.437'
W 76° 57.886'
 This is the Ferry landing on the East side of the Susquehanna River in Millersburg Pa. You can see, or catch the Ferry here as well to log the cache, although you have a much better chance on the West side of the River. In the off season, however, you willl find the boats dry docked here.  




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