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B&A Trail Challenge - OU0906

 Find five caches on B&A Trail to qualify

Hidden by  Astronut42

N 39° 00.749' W 76° 29.562' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Unknown type
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 31 August 2015
 Date Created: 31 August 2015
 Last Modified: 31 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU0906


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Data: 08/31/2015 14:49:00, add by DudleyGrunt

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This is a challenge cache. You must have found five caches (from any listing service) anywhere along the B&A Trail to qualify. In your log, list the caches that you have found and which is your favorite and why.

I love the B&A trail. I've run the whole length of it from BWI airport loop down to the Naval Academy bridge. Boulter lane is a connection road from the southern end of the trail to Route 2 and Annapolis.

The container is at the listed coordinates. You can park adjacent to the cache and make a short (20 meter) hike into the woods up a steepish hill. It is a small first aid (waterproof) container with room for some small swag. Initially stocked with NASA swag including a Goddard 50th annniversary pin for FTF prize.

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HCF whfg ful bs gbc bs uvyy



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1 04 September 2015 DudleyGrunt Found it

Went out today to get 2 of the CO's new OCNA caches.  Ended up finding some GC.com caches, Munzees and a few Sighters, as well.  Figured I'd follow the trend and list 5 of my FTF's on the B&A.

1. It All Started Here! - FTF - 8/14/11

2. Ouch, It's Pretty Hot and Cold Here. - FTF - 10/12/14

3. You Had to Make it Difficult. - FTF - 10/12/14

4. The War of the Worlds - FTF - 8/17/14

5. Third Rock From the Sun. - FTF - 7/4/12

I'm not sure which is my favorite, but I definitely enjoyed sfcchaz's solar system series.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 31 August 2015 marylandramblers Found it

Love caches along the B&A.  A shout out to Astronut for placing this cool challenge cache.  Rode the geo-bicycle own the trail and missed an FTF by a a couple of hours.  Following Chaz’s lead I’ll list five FTFs that I found along the trail:


World War II Memorial  [OU04DE]

Sol  [OU03D0]

Sneaking Down the B&A GC5G7V2

B&A Trail; The Beginning...Or End? GC3HX7N

Get Fit If Needed GC45GV7



1 31 August 2015 sfcchaz Found it

I just spent 15 minutes writing the log and the site logged me out. That sucks.

Laughing FTF - 1500 hours.

I have found many, many caches along the B&A Trail. I counted at least 24 that are still active. I have 19 active caches along the trail in 4 different games - 13 in the OCNA game.

Just to add to the difficulty - all of the following were FTF cache finds for me. I added the CO as well.

Quack the Code - jeepgeek81 | I Walk the Line - Charles Ewe | B&A Trail: Elvaton Station - CacheYouTwo | B&A Trail: Oakwood Station - CacheYouTwo | Trail Side Rain Garden - marylandramblers

The favorite among those above was Quack the Code. During a thunderstorm with Zepp914, cheesie81 and CBSN.

Thanks for all the new caches. Actually, I did take the pin, thanks!