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AeroDyn Technologies Wind Tunnels - OU0910

 Wind Tunnels and Racing Technologies, Oh My!

Hidden by  ithink314

N 35° 37.288' W 80° 48.171' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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 Date Hidden: 30 August 2015
 Date Created: 01 September 2015
 Last Modified: 01 September 2015
 Waypoint: OU0910


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The AeroDyn wind tunnel facility in Mooresville, NC is a cool place I had the pleasure of touring.

They tell about it better than I can:

If you're lucky the fans will be running or race cars will be coming or going when you visit. Or maybe they'll invite you inside to see how aerodynamic you are. Surprised

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1 03 July 2018 Militescriste Found it

Finally able to get this one logged after some assistance from the CO. Thanks for this Virtual! On the way to Lake Norman for a week of relaxing vacation and fishing. Thanks again. 
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Me at GZ
Me at GZ

1 05 October 2017 McCaching Found it

Found for the GCGC GeoStalker 2017 Relay.  Ithink314 stalked.  I haven't found many OCNA caches, but I noticed this one a few weeks ago when I was checking for nearby caches.  I planned to grab it the next time I was in the area, but the GCGC relay made me make a run for it today.  It was just starting to get dark as I arrived.  Thanks ithink314 for setting this up.  I have driven by numerous times, but I never paid attention to this building.  
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AeroDyn Wind Tunnels
AeroDyn Wind Tunnels