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Sandy River Delta - OU0977

 Wonderful nature trails

Hidden by  Dulce-Joy

N 45° 32.704' W 122° 22.616' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Oregon
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 09 March 2016
 Date Created: 09 March 2016
 Last Modified: 10 March 2016
 Waypoint: OU0977


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Kid Friendly Big Rig Friendly Thorns Poison Plants In the Woods 

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The Sandy River Delta is a great place to come out and walk some trails just outside of town. You can walk your dogs, ride horses or just view the scenery while keeping an eye out for wildlife. There are a number of trails that will connect you to the Sandy River or the Columbia River. Enjoy!


To show that you had a chance to enjoy the area, you can post a picture with the Sandy River Delta sign at the entrance to the park.


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1 26 August 2018 texliebmann Found it

I think this app will attach the pic. I grew up about 6 miles west. TFTOC
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Tex back near Rip City
Tex back near Rip City

1 15 August 2018 sfcchaz Found it

Not sure why, but I seem to be the first cacher to log this find.

I'm in town visiting family and had some free time after arriving at PDX early this morning. I made a definite decision to seek the OCNA caches in the area as I had not yet found them.

My muggle sister was driving me around and is in the picture. There was a little construction going on in the way in, but no problem with making the find. TNLN TFTC
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
sfcchaz and muggle sister at GZ.
sfcchaz and muggle sister at GZ.