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Box ON! 2016 - Letterboxing in Ontario - OU099E

 An annual gathering of Letterboxers

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 Location: Canada
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Box ON! is an annual gathering of Letterboxers in Ontario. The tenth Box ON! event will be held on October 1, 2016 at the Battlefield House and Park National Historic Site of Canada in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

I will hosting this event. While the focus will be on letterboxing, I would love to see some geocachers come out to the event. I wil be at the pavilion in Battlefield Park all day, from 8 - 5pm. Stop by anytime to say hi. I will have my personal Moving Cache with me. I'll make sure there are at least a couple OCNA caches available in the park, not to mention all the letterboxes you'll be able to find and log on AtlasQuest if you wish.

Here a link to the listing on Atlas Quest:


There will be a potluck lunch, if you plan to be there for lunch please let me know what you can bring.


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3 01 October 2016 Bon Echo Comment

Had a really great turn out of letterboxers (40 ish) and a couple also geocache. they were familiar with OCNA and so they might be logging the event and my OCT moving cache.

Of course this is just a comment, I'm not going to log an attended on my own event. Who does that? Sort of like finding your own cache Sealed

7 01 October 2016 Fish Below The Ice attended the event

BoxON! events are always worth the trip. Lots of great folks and some first-rate carves to add to your logbook. Bon Echo claims to have never been to an event before but he still managed to pull off a top-notch event. Tfte!

3 22 April 2016 TermiteHunter Comment

Changed hidden date to 10/1/16 to coincide with event date