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MAGC Beltway Bandit After Action Muster - OU09C7

 MAGC Cache Run For Heroes 2016 (Follow Up)

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N 39° 03.000' W 76° 34.540' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
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 Waypoint: OU09C7
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Beltway Bandits Chapter of the Military Association of GeoCachers (MAGC) is having another meet and greet at the Herald Harbor Hideaway.  We will be welcoming welcoming Military Association of GeoCachers (MAGC) founder and NCOIC Duke "Falcon Loader" Clements and his a special guest(s) back to the NCR after a major week long cache run.  Featured at the event will be the MAGC Battle traveled Guidon and the "Ammo Can", in case you missed it at the kick off event.  Bring a friend and help guide the group.

Come and experience good friends at this MAGC meet and greet.  You don't have to be military to come out and have a great time with fellow cache warriors.  We plan to discuss all things caching, including how the trip went.   I hope you come out and join in the fun.

Saturday, June 11
1600 - 1800 (4 - 6 pm)  

Fisher House

But, wait!  There's more!

MAGC is deploying no less then four of its members on a Mission to Raise funds and awareness of the
 Fisher House Foundation.

Starting June 4 at 00:00 hours, they will deploy from JBA to NOLA, Austin, San Antonio, Abilene and RTB.  We are hopefull that they will make it back in time for this event, but as with any mission, plans often go out the window at the start.  A week long road trip makes an exact return time hard to guarantee.  If they are not back, we will try to call them to check in and see how it is going.

This "After Action" Party will hopeuflly bolster any remaining trip expenses not covered for the crew of 5 while geocaching from MD to TX (if all goes well) to raise funds and awareness for the Fisher House Foundation

Cache Run Fundraiser Page

Cache Run Facebook Page



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9 16 July 2016 DudleyGrunt Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 11 June 2016 sfcchaz attended the event

What a great trip and plenty of very interesting stories that went along with it. Thanks guys for the very worthy effort, I'm sure it's much appreciated. Enjoyed some down time and good food with the whole crew.

8 31 May 2016 sfcchaz will attend the event

See everyone there.