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The LTF Race Will Be the Death of ... - OU0AFF

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hidden by  ithink314

N 35° 17.338' W 80° 47.852' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Boîte de type: Traditional
 Taille: Micro
 Etat: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:31 h   Distance: 3.14 mi
 Date déguiser : 17 January 2018
 Date: 16 January 2018
 Derniere mise a jour : 17 January 2018
 Waypoint: OU0AFF


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Zone Attributs

Quick Cache Ticks Snakes Thorns Bring Your Own Pen Available in Winter Poison Plants Dangerous Listed on OCNA Only Stealth Required 

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aka deathmints Back from the Dead

As simple as this hide is, there's a ridiculously long story to go along with it. See, I "needed" a Traditional hide, OCNA-only, to rectify a challenge cache find claim, which won't be elaborated on any more right here. Now, I'm not really one to hide Traditional hides any more, because they're too easily and too often messed with or "stolen." I say stolen in quotes, because I question whether taking abandoned property left on someone else's property can really be considered stealing, but that's a debate for another time. Anyway, short story longer, this was once upon a time a hide on a bigger listing service. Without giving links, it was GC3X5X5 for those who care to investigate the history. I found it after it was archived. The last finder to find it before archiving said they replaced the container, and this was why FailedApp archived it. Being a believer in "trust but verify," and more significantly a fan of finds after archiving, I stopped by not quite 2 months later, and sure enough, the original container and log were still in place. Woohoo for me - another Last To Find!

So, when I thought about how could I hide an OCNA-only Traditional hide, I remembered this one, and decided to list it again, on OCNA only. I'm pretty sure FailedApp never collected it. In fact, there may even be a second container still there.

Please let me know the situation as you find it. If there are 2 containers there, please remove the one that doesn't look like a coffin shaped holder of Death Mints with a compass inside. Thanks in advance!

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