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HNAG goes to the movies "Treasure" - OU0B01

 A new friendship with a geocacher has troublemaker Erica wondering what is the meaning of life, and where can she findit

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A new friendship with a geocacher has troublemaker Erica (Ansley Gordon) wondering what is the meaning of life, and where can she find it?

Come out  and join the HNAG crew and watch the movie Treausre on the Big Screen .  Treasure movie , and has a lot of geocaching in it . 

For more about the movie chack out  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3503924/

Doors  Open at 4pm  movie starts at 4:30 

The Movie is 90 mins long 

We have to pay a licence fee to the studio so the price is up a bit from  the GIFF event 

Adults  $8.00 

Children 5-12 $5.00  under 5 n/c 

There will be some  Door prizes  



Please log your Will Attends  with the number of people coming

Check of the HANG Event page for more details and sponsors http://my.kwic.com/~hnag/20180325_movie.html


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7 31 March 2018 Camroo attended the event

Loved It!!! Thanks For Hosting!

7 24 March 2018 simrebel attended the event

simrebel was here March 25, 2018 7:05 PM and found cache# 25 HNAG goes to the movies "Treasure" TFTC simrebel good movie great turnout

8 06 March 2018 Camroo will attend the event

Wahoo! FTF...

Wait, I guess this isn't an FTF


Should be there with blueturtle18

12 20 January 2018 Bon Echo OC Team comment