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Miller-Cory House Museum - OU01C7

 Built in 1740, the Miller-Cory House stands on the "road to the mountains" in Westfield, New Jersey

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N 40° 39.756' W 74° 20.994' (WGS84)

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 Waypoint: OU01C7


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The Miller-Cory House was named in honor of its two 18th century owners, both descended from the earliest settlers in this area. While the Millers and the Corys were rural farmers, they knew some degree of sophistication. The "West Fields" (of Elizabeth) were at the crossroads of colonial America on the Old York Road, the main route from New York to Philadelphia. Life was uniquely influenced then, as it is today, by a location between two major cities.

The Miller-Cory House is a story-and-a-half clapboard farmhouse with shingled roof, brace and beam construction, and nogging filled walls typical of an average New Jersey homestead of the mid-18th century. It was begun in 1740, at the time Samuel Miller married his wife Sabra. Three sections were completed before Samuel Miller's death in 1782. The property came into the possession of Joseph Cory in 1784, and remained in the Cory family until 1921.

The museum is open from 2:00 -4:00 pm Sunday afternoons. Costumed docents are on hand to guide visitors through the 1740 farmhouse. Admission: $2.50 for adults; $1.00 for students; children under four are free. Please call the museum office for more information at 908-232-1776.  It is not necessary to pay any admission to log this virtual and it's OK to visit the grounds during daylight hours.

To log this virtual cache, you will need to refer to a plaque at the posted coordinates, placed in 2004 by the Rake and Hoe Garden Club, Inc of Westfield, NJ.  The password to log the cache is the middle word of the 2nd line and is Case Sensitive.  Please don't post photos of this plaque and enjoy your visit to this historic site. 

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Parking AreaN 40° 39.744'
W 74° 21.022'
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1 09 August 2014 sfcchaz Found it

I went on an all day alternate site caching trip with DudleyGrunt today. I found 10 caches on the Opencaching.US site, 6 on the Groundspeak site, 3 on the site, 2 on the Terracaching site and one on the Navicaching site. I even dropped off a geokret. DG and I have done several of these kinds of trips and have another planned later in the month. Most of the alternate site caches will be used for the contest currently being held on the Opencaching.US site.

As it turned out, this was my milestone on the Opencaching.US site of # 200! Thanks for the history and brining us here. TNLN TFTC

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#200 sfcchaz
#200 sfcchaz

1 09 August 2014 DudleyGrunt Found it

Found with sfcchaz on our alt run to NJ.

Congrats, Chaz on the milestone and joining OCNA's 200 club!

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 16 January 2011 SparrowsGold Found it


Wow - 2nd FTF this Morning!

Thanks for setting this up! I would have never known this Site was here, if not for the Virtual!

Great job Geri!