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MAGC Ammo Can Roll Call - OU0227


założona przez  DudleyGrunt

N 39° 30.733' W 77° 44.450' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > Maryland
 Typ skrzynki: Mobilna
 Wielkość: Normalna
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 08 January 2011
 Data utworzenia: 10 January 2011
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 30 March 2015
 Waypoint: OU0227


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Updated coordinates to show that it will be at GeoWoodstock XIII, 23 May 2015.  

Look for it at the MAGC vendor booth.


Current Goal:

The mission of this moving cache is to travel to the various MAGC chapters and create meet and greets. It is the pride of the chapter to grab this from other chapters and an honor for them to pass it on to the next.

About This Item:

This ammo can was the at the first MAGC meet and greet at Greenbury Point at the US Naval Academy in August 2006.  It later was used at the meet and greet at Outback Steakhouse and later was seen at the British Invasion Meet and Greet. Now it's on its way to a meet and greet near you.

The ammo can also contains various Geocoins, Travel Bugs, and Pathtags that remain with it.  Feel free to discover these, as well, if you like.  You may also add items that you wish to travel with the ammo can.

While this is not a crosslisted cache, the ammo can is also listed as a Travel Bug at (TB1F760).  The ammo can is passed between MAGC members and taken to MAGC sponsored events, but anyone can log it.

Evolution to an OCUS Moving Cache:

I took it to my recent MAGC New Years Muster event and Mother Wolf asked me where the logbook was and if I was going to list is as a Moving Cache on here.  I checked with RVRoadTrip, since it would be a bit different than the general description of the cache type in the wiki and he thought it sounded good.

Where Has it Been (Events)?

1) 08 JAN 11 MAGC New Years' Kick Off Muster 2011

2) 15 JAN 11 Mmmmm, breakfast Flash Mob!!!

3) 15 APR 11 MAGC: M&G with Camp Over

4) 05 JUN 11 MAGC 5th Anniversary Celebration

5) 02 JUL 11 GeoWoodstock IX

6) 21 AUG 11 Happy Birthday, OCUS!

7) 11 NOV 11 Veterans Day Meet & Greet

8) 01 JAN 12 MAGC New Years' Kick Off Muster 2012

9) 26 MAY 12 GeoWoodstock X / OCNA Meet Up @ Sellersburg Mega

10) 11 JUL 12 A Texan Comes to Balmer, Hon

11) 12 JUL 12 Dudley Comes to WNY

12) 20 JUL 12 Dudley Comes to the NC Piedmont

13) 04 AUG 12 Maryland Geocaching Society Summer Picnic 2012

14) ?? ??? 12 Eggers MAGC Meetup

15) 20 SEP 13 Sunset with KTAG, Trackables and Hummingbirds

16) 21 SEP 13 Niles Ohana Is In the House

The Ammo Can





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1 25 July 2015 Krips Curves Znaleziona

Found at Last Saturday of July. Thanks for coming.

Dangerous Curves, Mr. Krip & Cinnamon the geodog

1 23 May 2015 wildernessben Znaleziona

#2 - Saw this cache at GeoWoodstock.

Thanks to DudleyGrunt for placing and maintaining another great cache. Soli Deo Gloria!

2 23 May 2015 web-ling Nie znaleziona

Attended Geowoodstock, and had hoped to get back from a day of caching early enough to find this one, but by the time we returned to the event, it was gone.  Cry

1 23 May 2015 EoTwP Znaleziona

At GeoWoodStock..With TBC! [:)] T4TC!

1 23 May 2015 USMA77 Znaleziona

Great to see cache at GeoWoodstock.