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Bond Lake Park - Upper Escarpment - OU0280

 A small lock-n-lock in Bond Lake County Park

Hidden by  Mr.Yuck

N 43° 10.606' W 78° 55.029' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:15 h   Distance to Travel: 0.42 mi
 Date Hidden: 10 April 2011
 Date Created: 10 April 2011
 Last Modified: 10 April 2011
 Waypoint: OU0280


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Kid Friendly Thorns Poison Plants In the Woods Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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Description   EN   

I've always noticed the large flat "step" in the Niagara Escarpment that most of Bond Lake Park is located on. This is most obvious if you are traveling up or down the escarpment on route 429. I'd estimate this to be a good 1/2 mile in length. Now I'm no geologist, and don't know the reason for this, but I've never noticed the middle flatland of the escarpment being so wide anywhere else in New York or Ontario. As a matter of fact, it's only a couple hundred feet wide 10 miles away from this cache in Lockport.


So this cache showcases the upper escarpment in the park. I was nice, and didn't make you climb it. On top of that, it should be a super easy find for the average Geocacher. It's designed to be exposed if viewed from the correct angle, and fits in it's spot nice and tight, please put it back the same way. The cache is about .40 miles one way from the parking area. 


Obviously, this cache was placed at the same time as a cache I hid on a few hundred feet away. They can't possibly be mistaken for each other. It is in between two caches on that website that are only .12 miles apart. Woohoo, there's a power trail in those woods!

Additional Waypoints

 Symbol   Type   Coordinates  Description
Parking AreaN 43° 10.902'
W 78° 54.776'
 The main parking area for the park next to the lake. 

Additional Hints   Decrypt

Vafvqr gur raq bs n snyyra gerr ba gur obggbz bs gur rfpneczrag



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3 24 October 2014 Mr.Yuck Comment

Absolutely absurd on their part. It won't be the first time in Geocaching history that some clown told a cacher they were on "their property", when they were not. Let me ask you this. Do you think the Niagara Escarpment is "straight"? Answer, no, not even close, see a Topo Map. MOST of the escarpment in Bond Lake Park is on the reservation. When I placed "You are in no Danger" on, here's a little secret. I actually was calling waypoints to a cacher at home and having him plot them on a map to make sure I was in the Park. You are in No Danger, The old 2002 placed "Bond Lake Cache", and most certainly this one at the bottom of the escarpment are all within the park. This cache will not be archived.

3 24 October 2014 Strayed Hound Comment

NOTICE: I was driving around bonds lake yesterday and decided to look up a couple of caches, which I haven't done in a while unfortunately. I was climbing up the escarpment behind the pines when I encountered a couple native American men on there way to hunt with large rifles no less! Unbeknownst to me, THE ESCARPMENT IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY ON THE INDIAN RESERVATION! I wasn't aware of this as I've walked along the trails up there before. The gentlemen kindly pointed out the Nation boundary markers place by the US gov. You'll notice that the trees at the base of the escarpment are painted white, as a crude line between the official markers. They asked they we respect their property and stay off the escarpment as it is not a part of the park. Still a nice adventure on a beautiful autumn day :)

1 25 November 2011 Sabrefan7 Found it

After visiting the water intakes on the Robert Moses Parkway and recording two finds for one cache I headed to  Bond Lake and Cambria hoping to get 2 more in by dusk. I parked in the lot and hoofed it over to the GZ. I was poking around for a short wile and having no luck I brought up the cache page on my phone. Just as the hint was loading I spotted the cache from 30ft away laying on the ground. Signed in and having looked at the hint I re hid and covered it over well. Thanks for another walk in Bond Lake Park.

1 07 September 2011 sfcchaz Found it

We are in this area on a mini vacation at Niagara Falls. Of course with vacation comes caching. I wanted to use the opportunity to seek some of the Opencaches in the area. While in the park we pick up two bonus Groundspeak caches. TN, L: a signature pathtag. TFTC

1 01 July 2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2772.  First find of the day, before heading south to GeoWoodstock.  Seeming many vehicles, down the road, I decided that I'd join the crowd and plead ignorance if it turned out everyone else had a permit or something.  Walked the trails to the cache.  The last little bit had me wishing I'd worn pants (long ones, that is).

Nice hide.  The cache was in great shape.  I left a couple wooden nickels (DG 1.1 & DG 2.0) and, I think, a Pathtag.

Thanks and Happy Trails!