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Collingswood Webcam Cache - OU02A5

 Get a webcam shot of you on the corner to log the cache!

Hidden by  Ericles

N 39° 55.110' W 75° 05.320' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New Jersey
 Cache Type: Webcam
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Time: 0:10 h   Distance to Travel: 0.25 mi
 Date Hidden: 13 May 2011
 Date Created: 13 May 2011
 Last Modified: 10 January 2019
 Waypoint: OU02A5


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Example WebcamSmile! You're stuck in traffic!

Welcome to historic Collingswood/Pensauken. This is a Webcam Cache requiring you to have your picture taken to log the find. There is nothing hidden at the posted coordinates. The webcam is a traffic-camera monitoring the interchange of US 30 (The Whitehorse Pike) and NJ Route 130. Believe it or not, this was at one time a traffic circle. I suggest parking in the Diner just North of GZ, the Animal Hospital to the West or the Law Firm to the South and taking the crosswalks. Be careful crossing as these are a busy intersections! There are crosswalks, crossing signals and even a pedestrian bridge available for your safe caching pleasure.

Of course, the real trick isn't getting to the posted coordinates - the difficult part is finding someone by a computer to save a screen shot of your visit! You can always use a smart-phone and camera combination. How ever you get it done is fine by me - in fact, you get points for creativity in this regard! To get to the live webcam, simply visit this URL ( At the left click the "US 30 at Collingswood Circle" link. The image image is "live" so try to get a good action shot of you striking a pose so we know it's a cacher and not just some muggle passing by. =]

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your stay in South Western Jersey!
Takes Less Then One Hour Available All Seasons No Snakes No Ticks Wheelchair Accessible Parking Available No Thorns Stroller Accessible No Mud Diner Nearby

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Pnz snprf abegu. uggcf://ovg.yl/2NRgvtX



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3 11 January 2019 Ericles Comment

The webcam link had become defunct at some point in the last year. Fortunately I was able to find it's new home on the interwebs! The new link is:

At the left click on the "US 30 at Collingswood Circle". Cache on! 

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Now with Night Vision!
Now with Night Vision!

1 13 April 2014 Mr.Yuck Found it

I'll go ahead and log the find, you can trust the OCNA webmaster. Laughing Being on vacation and using "hotel computers", I can't personally resize my cell phone saved pic to 100KB or less, but I'm going to email someone to see if they can do it for me, or upload it myself next week. The intersection wasn't all that crazy busy on a Saturday around 3:00 PM, and everthing worked out fine. Thanks for creating this cache on our site! When the pic is up, you'll see myself, my 14 yr. old, and his 15 yr. old cousin.
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Here it is, me, my kid, and his cousin
Here it is, me, my kid, and his cousin

1 13 July 2011 DudleyGrunt Found it

2807.  Stopped off on the way to meet my troop at summer camp at Camp Ockinickon a bit further north.  Snapped the pic from the webcam and then took a pic from that spot, in the same direction.  If you look closely, you'll even be aple to see my CRV parked at the diner.

Glad to get the 2nd closed unfound OCUS cache to home.

Thank and Happy Trails!

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DudleyGrunt @ Collingswood Webcam
DudleyGrunt @ Collingswood Webcam
Collingswood Diner From GZ
Collingswood Diner From GZ

1 16 May 2011 Grunriese Found it

(1, FTF 1) Yazoo!  First find is a First to Find, and a Webcam at that.  Nice little lunchtime C&F (Cache & Flash).  I parked behind the law offices, at the end of the alley just south of GZ (could have parked on the side street just as easily), and walked the few steps to GZ.  I thought that would be better than parking at the diner and risking my life crossing two highways.

Webcams are so much easier today with smart phones.  You point your browser to the webcam page, wait until you show up in the picture, then press & hold the image, then select Save.  That easy.  On an Android, anyway.  Probably can't be done on an iPhone.Wink  Of course, I learned that trick after spending $9.73 on a phone call home for this cache.

Thanks, Eric, for putting a new one in extreme southern Central Jersey for me!

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Grunriese at the Webcam site
Grunriese at the Webcam site