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Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial - OU0310

 The Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

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 Location: United States > Maryland
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 Date Hidden: 28 August 2011
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 Last Modified: 29 November 2013
 Waypoint: OU0310


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There is plenty of parking located adjacent to the Memorial.

The Maryland Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission was formed as a result of unanimous approval of Joint Resolution 22 of the Acts of 1983 which provided that a Commission would be formed to design and erect a Memorial for those Maryland citizens who lost their lives, were missing and for those who served in Vietnam. The Memorial was dedicated May 28, 1989.

The Memorial is a ring of stone with a granite wall upon which is inscribed the 1046 names of those who lost their lives in Vietnam. The names of those 35 men who remain missing are also inscribed on the stone. The Memorial features two 45-foot flag poles flying both the flag of the United States and our Maryland State flag with the POW-MIA flag flying under it. Immediately outside the Memorial ring are 16 "spires" which represent the Vietnam years from 1959 to 1975. The three and one-half acre Memorial site is enhanced further by groves of trees and greenery.

At the entrance of two walkways leading to the Memorial are flower beds which hold blooming plants to add color. Every effort was made in the planning of the Memorial to ensure that visitors would have a feeling, of reverence for those whose service to our nation is honored.

You must physically visit this site to take credit for this cache. Please post a picture of you and/or your GPSr somewhere on the Memorial grounds.

There is a password required for logging this cache. The password is the last name of the last person identified as a Vietnam Veteran on the plaque at the south enterance of the Memorial. (ALL CAPS)




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1 13 August 2016 zepp914 Found it

I have never been here before. I wonder if my father has. He is a Vietnam Era veteran.

I completely misunderstood what to look for. I was looking for the name in the circle and not the one on the plaque. Thankfully the CO straightened me out.


1 28 August 2011 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

2917.  I'd just weathered Irene and the sun was out and it was quickly becoming a beautiful day.  Not just that, but there was a newly published OCUS cache, within a short drive of home.  What was I supposed to do?

Considering I hadn't reviewed it and didn't even know it was submitted until I saw it published, I figured I'd go for it. 

This (well, actually, the parking lot) seemed to be the place to be, this afternoon.  There was, at least, one group "tailgating" with their RV.  Others were justing sitting in their cars.  I wanted to tell them they just drive out into the county and find a real park and some nature to enjoy.

Anyway, back to the cache.  As is so often the case, I didn't know this was here.  I'm glad to have discovered this memorial.  Thanks!


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Approaching MVVM
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