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Halloween Kick Off With Pizza - 2nd Year - OU0342

 Come join us for pizza

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Come kick off Halloween with a family friendly event at Cici's Pizza! I hosted this last year, and had too much fun to not try to host it again this year! I have again reserved the party room in the back of the restaurant, so come on in, grab your food, and walk on back.

When: Sunday October 30th from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

Where: Cici's Pizza 26 Mountain Rd. Glen Burnie, MD (410) 760-9200

Who: Calling all geocachers and friends/family!

Expect to spend around $8 per adult for the buffet and drink. Each person is responsible for the cost of their meal.

If you have items to trade, feel free to bring them. There will be a small area to set these up.


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3 31 October 2011 cycleangela Comment

I believe everyone that's attended the event that logs on this site is accounted for, so it's time to put this one to rest. Thanks for attending!

9 31 October 2011 cycleangela Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 30 October 2011 cycleangela attended the event

Thanks to everyone that came out. I think I got everyone's milestones (that I knew about) listed on the gc listing now. I'll leave this available until everyone has had a chance to do their logs. 

7 30 October 2011 Astronut42 attended the event

Back logging. I didn't know this was an OCNA event when I went.

7 30 October 2011 sfcchaz attended the event

I had a great time today at this event. I got to trade a bunch of caching stories while catching up with some old friends and also made some new one as well. TFTEC