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Fort Peck Interpretive Center Guestbook - OU0B37

 A guestbook located inside the Fort Peck Interpretive Center and Museum

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"The Fort Peck Dam Interpretive Center and Museum is a partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The facility showcases northeast Montana and features the two largest aquariums in Montana displaying the fish of Fort Peck Lake and the Missouri River. 
Visitors entering the main lobby are greeted by a life size, fleshed-out model of Peck's Rex, the Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered 20 miles southeast of Fort Peck in 1997. A skeleton cast of Peck's Rex is also on display in the exhibit hall along with several other regional paleontology displays including a Cretaceous Sea display. Other exhibits include the wildlife, habitats, and scenery of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge and Fort Peck Lake, and the construction history of Fort Peck Dam.
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There is no charge to visit the museum, and if your timing is right you might also be able to take a tour of the Fort Peck Dam powerhouse.

The museum has variable hours throughout the year. As with all of my guestbooks, if you arrive and find the facility to be closed, please take a picture of you at the closed facility and post that with your log.


Fort Peck Guestbook




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