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Big East Opencache - OU0B41

 The first Opencache in Haliburton County

założona przez  Bon Echo

N 45° 02.240' W 78° 55.919' (WGS84)

 Współrzędne w innych systemach
 Lokalizacja: Canada
 Typ skrzynki: Tradycyjna
 Wielkość: Normalna
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Czas: b.d.   Długość trasy: 0.30 mi
 Data ukrycia: 01 August 2018
 Data utworzenia: 22 August 2018
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 19 January 2019
 Waypoint: OU0B41


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Quick Cache Kid Friendly In the Woods Listed on OCNA Only 

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Automatic translation thanks to:

Big East Opencache is hidden on Provincial Crown Land in the Poker Lakes area of the Haliburton Highlands Water Trail. The cache is accessible by foot from the parking lot.

You do not need a permit to use the parking lot or to access the lakes, and there are multiple day-use areas around the lake (accessible by canoe), no permit required to use those sites. You do need a permit if you want to camp on any of the designated campsites.

From Highway 11, travel east about 35 kilometers on Highway 118 to reach the parking lot (on the right, and it is unsigned and a bit hard to see so use the parking coordinates listed below, or use “Big East Access Point” in Google maps). Park in the lot and head down the access trail leading to Big East Lake. Watch for a second trail on the right, leading off to campsite #39. Take that trail to reach the cache. The cache is located approximately half way between the portage and the campsite, and it's over 100 meters from the cache to the campsite so don’t worry about disturbing the campers, they are still a good ways away, cache is hidden a short distance off the trail, beside a large boulder (fractured pinkish granite). Cache is a 1L plastic bottle with a logsheet and a couple trade items. There is a log password, be sure to take note of it. Please make sure the cache is well hidden and not visible from the trail after you are done signing in.'

There are two GC caches on the lake; I recommend finding the Big E cache if you have the time and a way to travel over water. I also recommend camping on the lake, it’s a nice spot - but make sure you reserve ahead of time (you can phone in a reservation and there is strong cell reception at the lake, check out the information board posted near the start of the access trial to learn about camping options).

Dodatkowe waypointy

 Symbol   Typ   Współrzędne  Opis
ParkingN 45° 02.294'
W 78° 55.808'
 Parking Lot driveway at N 45 02.294 W 78 55.808 




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