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Rocky Horror River Cleanup II - OU0B4A

 River or Vicinity Cleanup Event

założona przez  ithink314

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N 35° 18.969' W 80° 35.700' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > North Carolina
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 Czas: 0:31 h   Długość trasy: 3.14 mi
 Data ukrycia: 02 December 2018
 Data utworzenia: 03 November 2018
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 28 December 2018
 Waypoint: OU0B4A
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This cleanup event is scheduled for Sunday, December 2, 2018, from 3 to 4 PM. It is subject to delay in event of rain or high water on the river.

If I can get a round tuit, there may be prizes and/or new caches to find along the "secret" Carolina Thread Trail section that starts near the event location. Most of the trash was removed during the first cleanup, and even a couch I had my eye on was washed away by Flo' and Michael, but there is always some new trash to pick up.

 A section of waterway is available for adoption from Concord City as part of the "adopt-a-stream" program. This section includes about 300 feet of Back Creek to Rocky River, and Rocky River from slightly above Back Creek to about 0.3 miles downriver from Rocky River Road bridge.

For this event we will be removing trash and brainstorming ideas for building trails and improving access to Rocky River for canoes and kayaks.

One option, as part of the "adopt-a-stream" program, will be removing trash from the creek or river itself and the river and creek banks, by wading or by boat. If you wish to participate in this adoption, please contact me to submit a waiver form.

A second option will be removing trash near the trails, roads or the surrounding areas of the river and creek.

Caution: This activity has risks including slips, falls, vehicle traffic accidents, or even possibly drowning. The area near the river and creek are known to be very slippery when wet, and some sections are quite steep or rocky. By participating, you agree to be responsible for yourself, and to limit your participation as you see fit for your own safety. You agree to NOT hold the organizers responsible in any way.

Note: Trash bags will be provided or you may provide your own. Gloves and suitable footwear for rough, overgrown, or slippery terrain are highly recommended. Some gloves, waders and safety vests are available from the city. Please note in your "will-attend" log if you need any of these. Several trash grabbers will be available to borrow. Also please note if you wish to be part of the "adopt-a-stream" program, so we can arrange for you to sign a waiver/release form in advance. Lastly, for planning purposes, please note if you plan to stay on-land, wade, or bring a boat.

Parking is available along the road near the posted coordinates, around the corner along the road to the nearby neighborhood, or at road pulloffs on the other side of the Rocky River Road bridge.


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9 28 December 2018 ithink314 Zarchiwizowana

Cache was archived.

7 02 December 2018 ithink314 uczestniczył w wydarzeniu

We didn't collect as many tons of trash as previous, but we went about twice as far down the trail, and played dirty Santa with only a bit of confusion and discussion. Now we wait for our name to be on the sign. Any day getting boots dirty and wet is a good one for me, especially if no one slips and breaks any bones! Thanks to all attendees, from near AND far. Thanks especially for bringing us the Florida weather! I hope you all get to come back soon and find all 20 hides down the rest of the trail.

###**Thanks, ithink314, for setting this up!**###

+/- 158 @ December 5, 2018 17:48.

3 02 December 2018 GoinPostNet Komentarz

Great day to be out cleaning up the trails and finding caches. Can't argue with a 70 degree day in December, new caches to be found along the trail, and a bunch of great cachers! Thanks for organizing this clean up.

8 29 November 2018 ithink314 będzie uczestniczył w wydarzeniu

##** Yes I will, I think. **##

###**Thanks, ithink314, for setting this up!**###

+/- 158 @ November 29, 2018 21:08.