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9 06/13/2015 GOF Cache archived

Cache was archived.

2 08/11/2014 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

Hmm. If it was on the ground in 2012, but found a few days later, I doubt I'd have the same luck 25 months later!! But there are tons of places to look, I could have missed it. Not a total loss, made "it" a Sight on Sighter.

1 07/12/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3398.  First stop after "finally" leaving the Buffalo Brew Pup.  Took a bit of looking around, but then noticed havocgeo's log.  Found it laying face up, waiting to just be picked up by the first person to notice it.  I added a strip of heavy tape to the back, so I could place it where I believe it should have been and out of casual view.

Lights were on, but I don't think anyone was home.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 07/10/2012 havocgeo Found it

Short day at work so I decided to grab a few caches. May want to check on this one does not stick to well.

1 07/10/2012 LLCoolJay Found it

1 04/27/2012 Cayuga Crew Found it

next stop out on rounds in the neighborhood