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3 01/06/2018 ithink314 Comment

##** Found this, again, in big red cache. Almost took it with me, but wasn't sure I should, so didn't. Recorded info for looking up later. Now I'm wondering why I didn't see another log sheet in big red. Oh well. **##

###**Thanks, DudleyGrunt, for setting this up!**###

+/- 148 @ January 6, 2018 5:08 PM.

1 08/18/2015 rvstauff Found it

Found it in a BiG RED cache!


Thanks, QGM

3 08/11/2015 QueensGrantMusic Comment

I will be dropping this off in the BIG RED CACHE (OU08B5) in Mint Hill, North Carolina.



1 05/02/2015 Mrs. HB31 Found it

Found at Discover Mint Hill

4 04/02/2015 QueensGrantMusic Cache moved

I have this now and will bring it to my next event on May 2nd in Mint Hill, North Carolina.

3 08/31/2014 ithink314 Comment

Was introduced to this cache again at the Dudley & Chaz Come to Charlotte event today.

3 08/31/2014 TermiteHunter Comment

I need no introduction but I will now be carrying this cache around

1 08/31/2014 QueensGrantMusic Found it

I found this cache this morning at Krispy Kream in Charlotte, North Carolina with the CO.  This was a great morning and event.  Thanks for the caches and trackables.

1 05/03/2014 AltaPete Found it

Saw this at the MGS CAM picnic.  My introduction to BIT cache and OCUS, thanks.

1 04/17/2014 Terp79 Found it

This is my first Open Cache. Thanks to Dudleygrunt for showing me the ropes.

1 04/17/2014 angeloak Found it

Thanks for my first Open Cache!  A moving bit-cache is a great way to start!Smile

1 02/16/2014 eissak Found it

Thanks for letting me find this one. :)

1 10/20/2013 ithink314 Found it

Found this moveable cache inside a larger one, in the hands of the owner, and increased my OCUS find count by a huge factor, from the previous zero. That's a good introduction. Thanks!

1 06/30/2013 ruralseeker Found it

Also discovered at the Canuck from North Cackalacky event. Thanks for my first OCUS cache!

1 06/30/2013 debaere Found it

Discovered in the hands of the CO at Fuddruckers while attending the "A Canuck from North Cackalacky Comes to Merlin, Hon" event.  Thanks!

1 08/04/2012 Mother Wolf Found it

Was able to find this cache today on the fly while at another event. always glad to help out a friend & also add to my own tally.   :>)  Good luck with the count. Mother Wolf

1 07/20/2012 TermiteHunter Found it

I've long been introduced to OCus but it was an adventure corralling this moving cache.


#929  GC 910 / OCus 14 / OCom 2 / TC 3

1 07/20/2012 stargatekrewe Found it

Seen at the Dudley Grunt visits Charlotte event. Thanks for coming to visit.

1 07/19/2012 4freds Found it

Thanks for sharing with me. These BIT caches are cool. Maybe I will get 1 for the Blue 3. Happy Cachin'

1 07/13/2012 Sabrefan7 Found it

Another cool moving BIT cache. A great way to introduce folks to Opencaching.NA Thanks! 

1 07/13/2012 Mr.Yuck Found it

Yes, I like beer and bitcaches too. Although I just tried one fancy micro brew, and had 2 Labatts blue's that I could have just bought next door at the gas station. No introduction needed for me, but it's a great idea, especially with the sample BIT and Geokrety, and free OCUS patches. TFTC.

1 07/13/2012 GOF Found it

Beer and BIT caches. What else could you want?

1 07/12/2012 MickEMT Found it

my first BIT cache!

1 07/12/2012 Astronut42 Found it

DudleyGrunt introduced me to opencaching...and now I've logged the moving cache to prove it! Thanks

3 06/24/2012 cycleangela Comment

I forgot to add a recommendation with my log. Thanks again! I wonder if something like this could be done with the other sites too?

1 06/24/2012 sfcchaz Found it

As I was preparing for the new NativTxn challenge I realized that I forgot to log this cache. Thanks to DudleyGrunt for sharing. I signed the log for this one at the " alt="" target="_blank">http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=c9c4d3d1-411c-4d16-9e31-79326877cf3b"">Dudley's Fourth Sunday M&G - June 2012 event. TFTC

1 06/10/2012 Recommendation cycleangela Found it

I got to sign the log out on the trails for the Wicomico Geo-cache Bash, but didn't realize it had a password on it. This is a great idea for a cache, though! Thanks for sharing it!

Editing now that I have the logging password, which I got at the Fourth Sunday event. Thanks for the cache!

3 06/05/2012 wd1j Comment

I like the idea of this cache.  Maybe I'll find this cache one day. 

Happy Caching,

-wd1j- Cool