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1 08/31/2015 Recommendation Astronut42 Found it

Quick find this morning. Love this spot. This will help by August contest stats too. 

3 08/27/2012 DudleyGrunt Comment


1 07/27/2012 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

3499.  Second stop in Annapolis, after work, today.  Like Chaz, I'd been her for another cache, but hadn't come down to the actual memorial.  Also, I NEVER would have visited GZ and the markers there, if not for this cache.  I will need to do a web search to find out the rest of the story.

Thankd and Happy Trails!

1 07/23/2012 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

I was in the Annapolis area today and wanted to visit this site again. Smile The first time I was here was in January of 2008 looking for a Trevelyan's R&R cache. It was a multicache, but I wasn't required to visit the actual "Memorial". Only view from above. So believe it or not, I didn't really realize that this was down here. WoW! Surprised Thanks for bringing me down to see the Memorial. I snapped a couple of pictures. Notice the flags at half staff for the National Mourning of the Aurora, CO shootings. Cry
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WW II Memorial Panorama
WW II Memorial Panorama
sfcchaz at WW II Memorial
sfcchaz at WW II Memorial

1 07/16/2012 marylandramblers Found it

*FTF* drove down to gz with micro rambler and rambler boy- thanks for bringing us here again - this is our favorite spot to watch the blue angels!