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3 06/30/2013 DudleyGrunt Comment

Checked on the cache, today, and it is good to go.

1 07/29/2012 sfcchaz Found it

Today my mission was to complete my most "Busy Day" to date in the GS world. A busy day is when you find the most different types of caches in the same day. Today I found seven cache types: traditional, earthcache, wherigo, multicache, unknown, letterbox hybrid and an event.. My "Busiest Day" to date.

This one was on the way to DGs monthly event. Thanks for the BIT cache. I tried making it look like the tank was a hat. This is what happens when you use the self timer and focus on the background.
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sfcchaz at WTF BIT Savage
sfcchaz at WTF BIT Savage

1 07/27/2012 cycleangela Found it

After my trek at Savage Park, I had time to swing by and find at least one cache. I'm guess it's safe to assume that I'm the FTF. This is certainly a different concept, and if I didn't know any better, I could think that the WTF mean something else! I'll have get the other new BIT cache another day. Thanks for the cache!