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1 01/09/2013 davidandbritt Found it

So was looking at the COs profile page and saw the link that led me to this one.  What another cache in the area for me to grab?  OK and I have a bunch of my pathtags to trade as well.  Get to the site and was able to find it quickly.  Found a red backed spider as well.  Smooshed just to be safe.  The container is well done.  Little wet inside though.  Unfortunately there wasn't any pathtags inside, so didn't leave anything or trade.  Put a new dry log in and SL.   TFTC.


This was my first opencaching cache.

1 08/15/2012 fanasfreaks Found it

My first FTF on an opencache.  I may be the only one in D-town besides the CO doing opencaching but hey I'LL take it.  I was all alone when I pulled in on this one so the grab was quick and easy.  Have no pathtags so TNLNSL.  Thanks for the lunchtime fun.