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3 07/30/2013 Bernoulli Comment

I'll get over there and have a look at this one before the week is out...I'm not fan of micros in the woods either but I'm afraid it's the only way to keep a cache around in this super high traffic area.

2 07/30/2013 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

The two kids I had with me aren't exactly micro in the woods fans. And they were excited to try the dead drop, so we moved on to that (and were successful!)

1 08/21/2012 TommyGator Found it

A nicely-crafted hide!  There were quite a few muggles at the Station, but none seemed interested in me as I hiked with my walking stick down to a an area not too far from the GZ and disappeared down a trail.  Although I could hear activity in the distance, I was quite alone where I was, and was able to quietly and stealthily approach the GZ and begin my search.  I looked at what I thought was the obvious spot for several minutes, then backed off so I could make another attempt from a different direction.  That worked out much better, because in the process I spotted something that definitely needed closer inspection---and found the cache!  After signing the log and admiring your handiwork for a few moments, I hiked my way back out via an indirect route, and greeted the muggles I passed at the Station, receiving friendly waves and greetings in return.  This is a great hub for those of us that enjoy biking----TFTC!

3 08/18/2012 Bernoulli Comment

Congrats on another FTF!!! You know, adding these banners is getting quite easy - I just copy and paste your first to find marquee right into all of my cache descriptions Surprised

1 08/18/2012 Grey-n-Red Found it

GPSr wouldn't settle down back here. Had me going back and forth. Finally decided to put away and after I expanded my search I spotted it. Nice hide. Another FTF. Keep putting them out I'll keep going for them. TFTC