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4 06/15/2016 ithink314 Cache moved

El Lobo has moved again, finally.

He's hanging out in a greenbelt area near a pond, on the high ground, at about:

N 35 19.200 W 80 54.688

1 04/30/2016 ithink314 Found it

## ** Well that was a long stay in one place! Was in the park for another cache, and went a bit farther to grab this one. Will find somewhere else for it before too long. ** ##

### **Thanks, TermiteHunter, for setting this up!** ###

+/- 80 @ April 30, 2016 19:28.


4 05/04/2014 GoinPostNet Cache moved

El Lobo has moved. He's now hiding out in Colonel Francis Beatty Park.

The new coordinates are: N 35° 04.059 W 080° 44.111

Hint: dnif eht egral enip eert dna kool pu

4 12/31/2012 GoinPostNet Cache moved

As soon as I arrived at GZ I had a sneaky feeling where El Lobo would be hiding. I took a peek and sure enough he was up there! Well, I haven't climbed a tree in a while, and luckily this wasn't too hard of a challenge. Thanks for the great hide!

Here's El Lobo's new location: N 35° 03.869 W 080° 49.016

1 12/10/2012 TermiteHunter Found it

I selected this one as my 1000th cache find over all combined geocaching sites. It being the last of the 4 moving caches in the GCGC relay that I had yet to find was another incentive.  It was not at all what I had expected to find which is a good thing. Enjoyed the walk and all teh joggers that passed me by on my way to the cache site.


#1000  GC 963 / OCus 32 / OCom 2 / TC 3

I have also adopted this my 1000th cache

New Location

N 35 03.793

W 080 43.963

4 10/29/2012 GoinPostNet Cache moved

El Lobo is now hiding out near the McAlpine Creek Greenway at the following coordinates: N 35° 03.908 W 080° 51.508

1 10/28/2012 GoinPostNet Found it

Had to go find this guy since he hasn't moved in quite a while. I'll move him to a new spot soon.

3 09/16/2012 Auroral Mechanism Comment

El Lobo has moved.  It is now at:

N 35 3.313' W 81 5.824'

This location is most likely a 1.5 D / 2.0 T.

1 09/16/2012 Auroral Mechanism Found it

Having seen the container for this cache before I knew I wanted to move it so after FailedApp and I had breakfast I went back out to find it once rvstauff had posted the relay was on!  I will rehide it soon.