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7 12/23/2012 MickEMT attended the event

very nice event. I had a good bit of fun.

7 12/23/2012 Mr.Yuck attended the event

A lot of Geocachers were out of town, but I definitely did my best to put the word out on this one. There were 6 people in the Geocaching contingent, and I want to thank each and every one of them for showing up! Of course not all will log on this website, which is typical for an Opencaching exclusive event. Nan Hoffman was excellent. She is quite skilled on the acoustic guitar, and a good singer to boot. Food was good too. Riverside-Salem was a very crowded place! I am going to guess they packed about 60 people into their cottage. When myself and GOF made a Geocaching presentation to them at a random Sunday service in Septemeber, 2012, there were about 20 in attendance. This was a good time, and thanks again to all who attended. I did not take any pictures, totally forgot! Does anyone have any?

8 12/20/2012 MickEMT will attend the event

Count me in for this one. Maybe we can set a new local record for attendes at an Opencaching only event in the area.

3 12/18/2012 Frank Broughton Comment

Okay, I will try to see if I can swing this one Mr Yuck. Not sure though, as we have a service at my church at 7PM. I have to be there, after all I work for the church...