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9 08/24/2015 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived. Thanks for the report!! I'm from Buffalo, N.Y., but we're not as strict about "vacation caches".

3 08/24/2015 Falamazar Comment

Looks like this one might be gone. The specified pine tree has been trimmed to the point that the lowest branches are 8 - 10 feet up.

Since the Bit tag was supposed to be at 5 feet, I suspect it went away with the trimmed branches.

1 06/23/2014 Rayman Found it

Since I had gotten off the highway for the other covered bridge Bit, I figured I'd stop over and check this one out too. Some local hoodlums were sitting on the bridge nearby, but as soon as I started my search they cleared out. Took a minute, but I found the Bit tag without any troubles. After that I stuck around and took a few pics and capped a nearby munzee. Another pretty neat find, thanks pal.