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3 04/05/2014 Mr.Yuck Comment

This cache was moved, and it was moved, I'll guess about 300 feet. Happy hunting, I think I'll put more BIT's in this park, especially since I'm killing those Broderick Pier BIT's. Not that anyone is finding those or these, But I am a persistent little bugger, aren't I? Laughing

3 09/30/2013 Frank Broughton Comment

Oh ya found this bad bear...

Oh man did not know I needed a password to log it. Thought the saved scan was enough... newb rookie here.

1 09/30/2013 Frank Broughton Found it

Okie doikie this is better... Have the correct info in hand to log this as a find.

Glad to see this park is getting better. Won the championship one year yonder years ago on the softball field here. Good views are readily availble from this park. Good place for an OCUS cache. Thanks Yuck!

3 09/29/2013 GOF Comment

Not my day forBIT caching. My phone lead me to a picinic in progress.