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9 04/30/2014 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived. Test Edit.

7 04/17/2014 Mr.Yuck attended the event

Thanks so much to DudleyGrunt, Angeloak and Terp79 for attending my event. Or was it DudleyGrunt's event? He's much more well equipped for explaining all the Geocaching alternatives than I am. He's like our official spokesman or something! Arrived about a minute late. I actually left Hagerstown, 25 miles away an hour and a half before the start time, but a certain Washington Monument virtual was a good 7 miles each way off the interstate, on top of hiking to it, and climbing it, so that explains where that hour and a half went. Sorry once again to the attendees for me cutting the event short after an hour and 15 minutes, but I explained all that to them (2 high school kids left in a hotel room 25 miles away, waiting for some Five Guys burgers to go!). But I most definitely appreciate everyone showing up, especially DG, who had to drive a lot further than I thought. This was pretty good, lots of trackables showed up, and a couple moving caches. And thanks for the pathtags too! An all around great small gathering.

7 04/17/2014 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Thanks for arranging this on your way home from vacation.  We really should have gotten some pics.

So glad that Terp79 (Fear the Turtle!) and angeloak were able to come out.  I look forward to seeing more logs from you guys.  

Growing OCNA cacher by cacher.

Happy Trails!

OCNA # 234
All Geocaches # 4775
All Geo-games # 7838

7 04/17/2014 angeloak attended the event

My first Opencaching cache - first Opencaching event - first Opencaching trackables.  Thanks for the excellent overview of all the options out there for cachers!  It was nice to meet y'all! :-)

8 03/17/2014 DudleyGrunt will attend the event

I'll be there!  Glad it isn't one week later, since I'd have a solid conflict.

Looking forward to it.

Happy Trails!