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1 10/10/2015 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

I was attending the MGS Fall Picnic in Frostburg, so between the main even and a dinner event later, I swung out to get Memfis Mafia's Welcome to West Virginia and then up here to revisit Mount Davis.

I was here before almost exactly 4 years ago "on the way to" the MGS Fall Picnic.  I logged the Earthcache and the other nearby cache, along with (I believe) a TerraCache at that time.  Was glad to come back to take in the view again.  Of course, I went up the tower.

I'll always go that extra mile for an OC or other alt-cache find.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

OCNA # 374
All Geocaches # 5469
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Spoiling the View