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1 06/23/2015 Sabrefan7 Found it

Well here I am in Seneca Falls NY. I had to stop and get some tourist info for Ithaca (sorry not headed to hammonds port this time) lots of brochures and free maps. I walked outwith four differnt ones. Thanks for the guestbook cache this one is very handy.
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3 06/14/2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

If you would have axed me in early April, or anytime prior, I would have said "bagging a few peaks near Lake Placid" (Most notably Wright Peak). Which the wife had mentioned in the last year or two, and we haven't done in this Centrury, pre-children. But that's not gonna happen anymore. The hip is functional for everyday life, but I'm not running 5K's, or hiking in the Adirondacks. So I don't know. Possibly Hammondsport for a few wineries? Thanks for the link, editing!!

3 06/14/2015 Sabrefan7 Comment



I was curious as to if this had been logged yet,, I noticed the info link has expired

I was able to find a new one and a few cool pics too. Looking forward to the FTF

Were do you want to go on vacation in NY next? Cool