9 12/02/2012 Borst68 Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 12/02/2012 Borst68 Comment

Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

1 07/13/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3411.  #2 took a while to find.  I tried to contact the CO, but he was on the road.  I ended cup calling a friend in Maryland (sfcchaz), who had found it.

He helped me narrow my search, based on his memory.  So, with the full coords for the bonus, in my posession, I headed off to to the bonus.  chaz said he thought it was in one direction, but it was actually in the opposite.  At least his memory of the Sequel's area was better than his bonus memories.

Great set - it's getting a Recommendation.g

Thanks and Happy Trails!

3 12/31/2011 Borst68 Comment

Since the last two cachers were DNFs, I thought I'd take a look at this one.  Cache is still there, right where I hid it.  Good luck!

2 11/27/2011 KK2005 Didn't find it

My first DNF on OC hide.  I spend good 15 minutes searching but ran out of time.  I will have to come back for this one.

2 09/17/2011 Mr.Yuck Didn't find it

As detailed in my log for the nearest cache, I wasn't sure if I was stumbling around bogus coordinates for this one! But I was indeed in the correct area. But I ran out of time, and will have to come back again for this and the final.

1 09/07/2011 sfcchaz Found it

We are in this area on a mini vacation at Niagara Falls. Of course with vacation comes caching. This was the fourth of nine OCUS caches today in the area. Since I was now on the correct trail, this one was a quick find. I thought that since this was close to its predecessor, maybe the final would be just as convenient, well that's another story. TNLN TFTC

1 07/14/2011 Cski Found it

Made it out here this morning to avenge another cache that I had to DNF last month.  Happy to say that everything is in good shape here.  I ended up doing much better finding this cache after I set my GPS down.  Thought of where I might have hidden this and sure enough there it was.  Thanks for the hide Borst and travels down the red trail!!!

3 03/17/2011 Borst68 Comment

Spring maintenance complete.  Cache is ready for 2011!Cool

1 10/31/2010 Sabrefan7 Found it

A good day for caching. I enjoyed a nice hike and talk today on my tour of this very cool park. Normally rocks give me a hard time, but the finds although well hidden were in hand after a short search. Thanks for the tour, I had a good time today.

1 10/11/2010 Szuchie Found it

Still loving this trail, and as the woods opened up I was able to gawk at more of the sights with the creek below, more and more stone walls to be discovered and big old trees blowing me kissy faces as I pass. Oh my, I was in my happy zone. On top of all this non-creepiness, I also noticed the bird boxes are painted red. That’s pretty damn sweet if you ask me. I can’t say I’ve ever come across something like that before!

At this point I was getting a little over stimulated, so it was probably good that I was able to divert my attention to finding the cache. This was another really cool spot - and even though I thought I knew were the cache was I ended up being totally wrong. Lucky Chicky pointed out something interesting and there you have it - the cache!

Nice hide in a really great spot. Well, back to the trail with the opportunity to continue my drooling and general forest-generated euphoria. Hehe, it’s good stuff. Thank you Borst for another great stop in this awesome section of GWP.


1 10/09/2010 Rayman Found it

Stopped to find a few OC caches while in the midst of the multi listed on the froggy site. Being that I was coming from the Jefferson Rd parking area, I never actually stepped foot on the red trail until much later in the day. I think I got to this one from the blue trail and bushwhacked up the hill. Took me several minutes to find, but once I did the GPS said it was spot on. TFTC.

1 10/04/2010 GOF Found it

Was attacked by a guard chipmunk here. It was huge I tell you! almost 1/4 the size of a squirel. Hey, that's big for a chipmunk. It ran right in front of me, almost bumping its nose on my toe.


1 09/25/2010 Atmospherium Found it

I was being watched alright, by two deer. A good place for a cache. Thanks!

1 09/25/2010 Cayuga Crew Found it

My second stop this mornin as I continued along the red trail just after sunrise this morning.   It took a few minutes to spot this one despite the coords being on the money.  Signed in an empty log and grabbed some needed info before heading off to the nexy stop.


Thanks again.