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7 09/22/2014 Mr.Yuck attended the event

Amazing!! Two people attended this event on this website, and I swear, I did not browbeat them to do it!! As a matter of fact, it never even came up. However, I will browbeat more people to log it. Tongue out

I have a count of 68 attendees, with 1 emergency "had to leave" about 2:30, and probably a couple in the bathroom or bar when I counted. Great turnout! Yes, thanks Borst for the ice bucket dumping, which probably weighed about 30-35 pounds. Anyone who has ever had a fish tank (should) know that water weighs 8 pounds a gallon, and there was at least 4 of them in there.

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B.S. Dru (The Puppet) addresses the crowd
B.S. Dru (The Puppet) addresses the crowd

7 09/21/2014 havocgeo attended the event

Nice time had by all, thanks for putting this together to celebrate Dru.


7 09/21/2014 Borst68 attended the event

Had a great time at the event.  Although I am sorry to see Dru move away, I am happy for her at the same time.  It has been a pleasure Dru!


It was also fun dumping a bucket of water on Mr. Yuck.  congrats on completing the challenge.

7 09/21/2014 Rayman attended the event

Yep, that was me that was the emergency "had to leave". When an opportunity comes up to see someone you care deeply about who you haven't seen in a 6 weeks, you don't pass it up. I'm sorry I missed out on most of the fesitivies but I'll treat Dru to a special event before she leaves.

Even before I left I was amazed at how many people showed! Dru is certainly a well loved person and she will surely be missed. We've had many a good time caching together, and also a very bad caching trip. But the good memories far outweigh the bad and Dru will always be my friend. And now I have a reason to go on a vacation to the mid-Atlantic! Happy trails Dru!

8 09/19/2014 Mr.Yuck will attend the event

Well, I don't technically own the event (a hand puppet does, long story), but I'm enough of a heavy hitter on the organizing committee that I'm posting it here. I will be there. Laughing